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Badge of Honor: Rickshaw Bagworks

rickshaw copy

Today’s Ecommerce Outtakes Badge of Honor goes to Rickshaw Bagworks. There are so many great features about this site, including the customization features and the Twitter integration, that there’s no point wasting time with an introduction. Let’s just dive in and see what makes this site so awesome! When I arrived on the home page, […]

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What is the Internet? [Video]

We stumbled upon this video the other day, and we thought it was so funny we just had to share. Kids today have grown up with the Internet, but can they explain what it is? Not really… But it’s pretty hilarious to watch them try:

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The Wonders of Online Shopping!

Happy Labor Day everyone! We hope you’re all enjoying the holiday weekend (you can bet we are), so we wanted to share a funny video with you. Check out this clip from the always hilarious Ellen Show. Ellen found some pretty weird products while shopping online…  

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