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Site Search, The Secret Ingredient for Ecommerce Success


By Rory Carlyle of SearchSpring It’s no secret: everyone has secrets. People and corporations alike have to keep them in order to hold a differentiator from those around them. Soda companies keep their mixtures hidden, professional sports teams keep their plays out of sight, and sneaky old grandma had her recipes locked-down like Alcatraz. It’s […]

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Today’s Top Ecommerce News

Amazon now lets users add items to their shopping cart with a hashtag. But will anybody use it? (Pando Daily) “The tool is simple: if someone sees a tweet with an Amazon product link embedded within its 140 characters, all they need to do is reply with #AmazonCart to add the item to their account. The […]

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In Site Search, Follow the Breadcrumbs

kohlsbreadcrumb1 copy

We’ve awarded the Ecommerce Outtakes Badge of Honor to plenty of outstanding site searches in the past. Truly, an awesome site search function with features like rich auto complete and thumbnail images can be the difference between an average shopping experience and an outstanding shopping experience. However, it’s understandable that not every webstore can implement […]

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Let Down by FreshDirect’s Site Search

freshdirectsearch1 copy

A coworker was placing the office’s FreshDirect order on their ecommerce site when she ran into a problem. Normally I find FreshDirect to be pretty great, but this was a big let down for the site search function. Take a look at the results returned for a search for “plastic cups.” What we had in […]

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Disappointing Search Results from MakeMeChic

makemechic1 copy

Although we’re having a cold day in NYC, spring seems to be in the air. It’s the kind of feeling that inspires a person to find some cute new wedge sandals for the coming warm weather! A Google search for wedges led me to an ecommerce site called MakeMeChic, which sells trendy clothes and accessories […]


Badge of Honor: Origins

origins copy

While exploring the ecommerce site of skincare brand Origins, I came across some pretty awesome features that I just had to share. In particular, their awesome site search function caused me to award this retailer today’s Badge of Honor. Check it out! When I first arrived on the site, I had in mind that I […]

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Valentine’s Gift Ideas To Search and Find Online

SLIguestpost1 copy

By Dawn Mortensen If you haven’t yet considered what to give your sweetheart this Friday (and you should, because time is running out!), you may be more likely to find the perfect gift online. The National Retail Federation predicts that online shoppers will spend 31% more than brick-and-mortar shoppers for Valentine’s Day 2014. They say […]

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B2B Ecommerce Review: Grainger’s Site Search

grainger1 copy

Today we’re taking a look at another B2B ecommerce retailer. Grainger is a retailer of all types of industrial supplies, and we heard they had a nice website experience. Of course we had to check it out for ourselves. Overall, this site is pretty solid in terms of usability. But I came across something a […]

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Is Your Ecommerce Search Lost in Translation?

lostintranslation1 copy

By Kemberly Gong There are a number of concerns ecommerce managers have in mind when their sites launch internationally – are all of the product descriptions translated and offered in the correct currency? Are all of the major pages translated and designed for an international audience? Is the usability of the site designed to match […]

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Let’s Talk About Site Search

merrell search copy

We talk about site search quite a bit here on Ecommerce Outtakes. Maybe someday, every site will have an awesome search function and we won’t have to bring it up anymore. But for now, there are still some bad examples of search gone wrong, which means I have to send these sites to the Lion’s […]

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