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Today’s Top Ecommerce News

Wayfair: Letting customers lead the way (Internet Retailer) “Speaking as day two keynoter on the topic “Connecting with consumers by giving them what they want,” Shah told attendees they can treat customers one of two ways. “You can treat them as smart and meet their expectations or treat them as dumb and lead them into a […]

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More responsive design problems with MaggyFrances.com

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Last week, I talked about why responsive design is so important. Basically, the short answer is that your mobile site can look like crap without responsive design, as we saw with the examples from Modify Watches. Today I have another example for you, which comes from the ecommerce site of Maggy Frances, a designer of […]


A Case for Responsive Design

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There is a lot of talk these days about responsive web design, especially in ecommerce. In case you’re unfamiliar, this is basically just a design approach that provides an optimal viewing experience no matter what kind of device you’re using. With responsive design, you’re able to easily navigate a site with minimal scrolling or resizing […]

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