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Craving more filters from Lindt chocolatier

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A friend forwarded me an email from Lindt, a retailer of Swiss chocolate, about an upcoming sale. Of course I had to check out their ecommerce site to see all the delicious chocolatey treats! Unfortunately though, I had to throw Lindt in the Lion’s Den of the Ecommerce Outtakes archives. Although this online store is overall pretty good, […]


Having a bad hair day at Bumble & Bumble

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Today I was shopping around on the Bumble and bumble ecommerce site for some hair products. They offer some really great products that I’ve used at salons before, so I wanted to see about ordering some online. But when I started browsing this site, I ran into some problems. From the home page, I used […]


Ecommerce Snapshot: REVOLVEClothing.com

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A friend steered me toward the Revolve Clothing ecommerce site, and right into today’s snapshot. When I navigated to the women’s dresses section, I looked to the left navigation for some refinement options to help me narrow down this selection. Above the filters for price, color and size, shoppers can select a category. But really, […]

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Trying to “View All” on Tommy.com

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I visited the Tommy Hilfiger ecommerce store at Tommy.com because I heard they were having a great sale. When I arrived on the home page, sure enough, I found a large banner promoting this sale of an extra 50% off sale items. That’s a serious discount! I clicked on the Women’s Sale button to see […]

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