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Ecommerce Snapshot: Target’s Product Image Fail


Maybe you heard about this one in the news, because this story about Target really blew up. Target’s ecommerce site featured some product images that had gone too far in terms of editing. I’m not sure who is in charge of Photoshop over there, but they got pretty heavy-handed! Take a look at the photo […]

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When Missing Product Images Ruin the Day

juicebeauty1 copy

Yesterday, while shopping for organic beauty products from Juice Beauty‘s ecommerce site, I came across some problems. Namely, I found many broken images that gave the site an unprofessional feel. Now, it is important to note that Juice Beauty has since fixed all these issues, but I think it’s worth posting to serve as an […]

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Looking for Visual Appeal from Heritage Foods USA

heritagefoods1 copy

I am interested in local and small farms, and it was while reading up on this topic that I came across the website for Heritage Foods USA. This company is all about raising rare breeds of livestock on small farms, and selling the meat to consumers and restaurants. Many restaurants in New York City buy […]

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Playing hide and seek on Mark & Graham

mark&graham4 copy

Alright you guys, I just have to say that I am all about monogram this holiday season. I’m shopping for personalized gifts for everyone on my list! This quest for monogram has also led to find some ecommerce missteps to put on this blog. I wrote about my problems with the monogram shop on Williams-Sonoma, […]

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