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Why Does Etymotic Make it Hard to Buy?

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The latest ecommerce site to enter our Lion’s Den is Etymotic Research, Inc., a retailer that makes some seriously top-of-the-line earphones, headsets and earplugs. A friend of mine was raving about some headphones she owns by this brand, so I decided to check out their site. Although their products might offer the latest technology, their […]

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Pajar Canada: Nice Visuals, but Rough Navigation

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When looking over the ecommerce site for Pajar Canada, I found many beautiful visual elements. To me, the site has the look and feel of a trendy magazine or catalog. Visuals are important, of course, but this website needs some updates to the navigation in order to offer a truly outstanding user experience. When I […]

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Something Weird with Beardbrand…

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When I was reading up on my ecommerce news today, I came across an interview with the founder of Beardbrand. This ecommerce site is stocked with products for folks who sport facial hair, which seems to be a growing trend lately. I myself have a lot of bearded friends, so I went to check out […]


Badge of Honor: Sports Zone Elite

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To start, it’s important to note that today’s ecommerce Badge of Honor comes with a bit of bias. The site for Sports Zone Elite is one that was created by our parent company, Ecommerce Partners. We’re pretty excited about how it turned out, so we wanted to share it with our Ecommerce Outtakes readers. We […]

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Nalgene’s Ecommerce Site Doesn’t Hold Much Water

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While searching around for a new water bottle, I wound up on Nalgene’s ecommerce site. I know this retailer makes great water bottles, but unfortunately, they don’t make a great website. After finding plenty of problems during my shopping experience, I decided to send this site to the Lion’s Den. The navigation menus aren’t descriptive, […]

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