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Badge of Honor: BaubleBar

baublebar copy

In case anyone was wondering how to do a really great top navigation menu, allow me to enlighten you. BaubleBar, an ecommerce retailer of fashion jewelry, has mastered the art of the drop-down, and it has earned them our Badge of Honor today. Let’s take a look to see what makes this site’s navigation so […]

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Bland Ecommerce Design from Spices Inc.


Personally, I have never bought spices from an ecommerce site. This is mainly due to the fact that I tend to be pretty last-minute when it comes to cooking, and I just pick up what I need from the grocery store. However, I have to imagine that if I were the sort to plan ahead, […]

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Ecommerce Review: Hens Night Shop

hensnightshop1 copy

Today’s post is a little bit scandalous. Australian ecommerce retailer Hens Night Shop, an online store that sells hens and bachelorette party supplies, asked for a website review. As you can guess, this site is chock full of penis-shaped products! Looking past that though, we want to consider the usability and functionality of this site. […]


CB2 Misses the Filter that Matters Most

cb2_1 copy

Anyone who has ever needed to purchase a rug knows that size is key. You have a specific space in a specific room that you want to spruce up with a floor covering, so of course you need to shop based on those dimensions. This is obvious… or so I thought. But unfortunately when I […]

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Badge of Honor: Skinny Ties

skinnytie2 copy

Let’s talk about first impressions. The Skinny Ties ecommerce site makes a great one. With a clean, simple and engaging design, the visual appeal here is definitely awesome. But what earns this site today’s Badge of Honor is it’s cool top navigation. Take a look! The top navigation offers visitors several ways to shop: Collection, […]

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Lost in the Zebra-stripes of Zubaz.com

zubaz1 copy

Today, the zebra print goes into the Lion’s Den. The ecommerce site for Zubaz, a brand of athletic pants featuring a signature zebra pattern, left a lot to be desired in terms of navigation. When I first arrived on the site, I checked out the top navigation menu. One of the options here is the […]

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Problems on the Birkenstock Ecommerce Site

birkenstock1 copy

Well, apparently Birkesntocks are making another comeback in popularity. I decided to visit their U.S. ecommerce site to check out the latest styles. What I found were some issues with the navigation of the website. Take a look at the home page, first of all. Okay, I see a top navigation and categories, a featured […]

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Keeping Ecommerce Filters Relevant to the Products

gardners1 copy

I always encourage ecommerce sites to provide shoppers with great refinement options. The ability to sort and filter categories of products can be very helpful for a user who is browsing and wants to narrow down their options to find the item they want to buy. However, tacking on a bunch of filters without putting […]

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Badge of Honor: Intelligentsia Coffee

intelligentsia copy

While brewing my morning caffeine fix today, I was browsing the Intelligentsia Coffee site. This coffee roaster is known for their high-quality direct trade coffees, and consumers can buy their beans on this ecommerce site. The design and navigation here is really cool. So cool, in fact, that it earned them today’s Badge of Honor. […]

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Badge of Honor: The Republic of Tea

republicoftea copy

We are back with another Ecommerce Outtakes Badge of Honor! The winner of today’s award is The Republic of Tea, a retailer that sells, you guessed it, lots of tea. One stand-out navigation feature of this site was so cool that it earned them our Badge. Let’s take a look! Sasha Butkovich on Google+

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