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Badge of Honor: NFL Shop

nfl copy

Well, we all know what’s coming this weekend: The Big Game (we’re all going to get sued if we use the actual name, right?) Or I could take a page from Stephen Colbert’s book and move a consonant, and call it the Superb Owl. Anyway, regardless of what we’re calling it, this huge event offers […]

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4 Tips for Ecommerce Success in 2014

If you started your own ecommerce site in 2013, then I tip my cap to you. You’ve probably had a very long, stressful year. You’re probably exhausted from building up your site and reaching out to every available source you know for advice. You’ve probably made numerous mistakes in your first year, and hopefully have […]


Why to Choose Magento for your Ecommerce Store

By Nirmal Mali A recent study identified Magento as the ecommerce industry’s most popular platform ahead of its nearest competitors with a 31% slice of market share. One of the reasons why it’s so popular is that Magento-powered ecommerce sites are raking in the big bucks for their website owners. Also, these owners are able […]

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ECommerce Snapshot: Patrón is Not Simply Perfect

PatronTequila.com Redirect

As a college senior studying Marketing, I recently read an article about Patrón’s new marketing campaign. The tequila company has always used the tagline “Simply Perfect,” but its new advertisements finally reveal some reasons why the alcohol is simply perfect. While I still admire the artistically beautiful ads, the Patrón website does not live up […]

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Ecommerce Snapshot: EgyptianLinensOutlet.com

egyptianlinens copy

In a search for Egyptian Cotton Sheet sets, I came across the Egyptian Linens Outlet ecommerce site. When I got to the sheet sets section in the bed linens category, I found some various drop-down menus that made things a bit confusing. First of all, there’s a Find by Pricing menu at the top. Then in […]

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