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The Color Selection Problem on Paperwink

paperwink1 copy

I recently read about a site called Paperwink, so I headed over to this ecommerce site to check it out. Paperwink allows you to customize all kinds of paper goods, from wedding or party invitations to baby announcements and notebooks. Personalized stationery and calling cards? I think I’m in love! I was excited to create […]

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Free Gift with Purchase? Make it Simple!

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I received an email from Boscov’s department store advertising a promotion on Estee Lauder products. I don’t typically purchase Estee Lauder items, but I was intrigued enough by the offer to check it out (promotion success!). It said I could get a free gift with a purchase of $35 or more, but also that I […]

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Still Not Loving the ASOS Checkout Process

asos3 copy

We featured ASOSĀ before on the blog when we gave them a Badge of Honor a couple months ago. We were really loving the “reverse filtering” capability they offer on their site! But today, I want to talk about an area of the ASOS ecommerce site that I’m not so in love with: the checkout process. […]

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Ten Thousand Villages, one messy ecommerce site

tenthousand1 copy

If you’re ever looking to buy some really cool global products, Ten Thousand Villages is a great place to start. I tend to head to this fair trade retailer when I’m trying to find a unique gift for a friend, which is what brought me to their site the other day. I really like Ten […]

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Badge of Honor: Geolocation

When you’re shopping online, it’s pretty safe to say that the world is your oyster. You can browse sites from other countries, and purchase items from halfway around the world. But because of the breadth of international shopping, it’s important for retailers to consider whether they will “internationalize” their sites. Enter the geolocation feature. Using […]

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Ecommerce in Publishing: Kensington Books

kensington1 copy

When people think of buying books online, they often head straight to the big retailers like Barnes & Noble or Amazon. But another option is to go straight to the source and purchase books from the website of a publishing house like Kensington. The only problem is that their ecommerce might not be as optimized […]

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Nordstrom Shoes and the Color Selection problem

While browsing for dress shoes last week, I came across this pairĀ of Original Penguin Wingtips on the Nordstrom website for 50% off. There are only two colors available, but they are on sale…so I can’t complain much. Although this isn’t the first time we’ve come across problems with a Nordstrom sale on this blog. The […]

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Badge of Honor: Sony

sony copy

Well, it’s Friday, and you know what that means: it’s time to award another coveted Badge of Honor! This week, the Badge goes to Sony for their streamlined, easy-to-use online store. Here’s a closer look at what Sony is doing so well. When you arrive at the home page, you can already tell the shopping […]

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The Top 3 e-commerce Filtering Mistakes

merrell1 copy

On Ecommerce Outtakes, we see our fair share of e-commerce filtering mistakes. Maybe more than our fair share, actually. So today we wanted to break it down, and show you where these missteps fall. When you take a broad view and separate it into categories, these are the top 3. Let’s take a look. Filtering […]

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What’s the deal, Daily Steals?

dialysteals copy

I’ll admit, I’m a big fan of flash sale websites. They’re some of the best places to find ridiculously great deals online, which I love. So I was exploring a site called Daily Steals to check out what kinds of bargains they had to offer. They have 5 “steals” per day that run for 24 […]

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