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Guest Post: Telling Stories


By Vik Venkatraman The landing page. It’s the start of a narrative, the beginning of a relationship, and if you’re good — the opening of a great story. Sometimes, the product is the hero. Sometimes, its something else entirely. However, the common thread is that the great sites start showing you the road to walk down, paved with yellow bricks […]

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Victoria’s Secret’s not so sexy ecommerce problem

vs1 copy

Victoria’s Secret is an absolute giant in the lingerie game. Pretty much everyone knows this brand and has come across one of their hot-pink storefronts at some point or another. I was browsing around on their ecommerce site though, and I found some issues that really hold back the shopping experience. Check it out. Personally, […]

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Ecommerce Fail: Bella Sun Luci

Bella Sun 1

Wow… where do I even start with this one? Basically I came across one of the weirdest ecommerce ordering systems I’ve ever seen on the site for Bella Sun Luci, which sells food products like sun dried tomatoes and marinades. Take a look at the page of Products: There are no categories. There isn’t any […]

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Ecommerce Email Subject Lines

emailsubject copy

As we all know, email marketing is a huge component of ecommerce. I’m sure everyone reading this is subscribed to at least a few mailing lists for the retailers they frequently purchase from! So the question is, what makes you open and read an email over deleting it or letting it sit unread? A catchy […]

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Badge of Honor: Black Milk Clothing

blackmilk3 copy

We’ve talked a bit about the importance of having a good international presence on an ecommerce site. In fact, we gave a Badge of Honor to Fred Perry, Topshop and Gucci for their geolocation features. Today, I’m awarding another international ecommerce Badge of Honor to Black Milk Clothing. One of the reasons for their win […]


Ecommerce emails: How many is too many?

sportemail1 copy

I received an email today from Sports Authority about a purchase I made recently. Earlier this month, I bought a new pair of running shoes from this ecommerce site because they were having a 20% off sale, and I love a good deal. When I checked my inbox today, I found this message asking me […]


Zara’s Strange Ecommerce Filter

zara1 copy

Okay, here’s a new ecommerce filter feature I haven’t seen before. Someone mentioned to me that Zara had changed the layout of the filters on their website, so I decided to check it out. I want to say that I dig the minimalist quality of this site. It is definitely a great visual showcase for […]

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Too Much Animation: Swimsale.com’s Ecommerce Site Design

Let me start this by saying that any screenshot or .gif I could make to show you about Swimsale.com will not do justice to how annoying the animation is on this site. If you want to get the full effect, I recommend trying to navigate the site yourself and experience the frustration of having a […]

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Guest Post: Site Search Pages Pop with Powerful Merchandising

By Kemberly Gong Site Search is an incredibly important part of an eCommerce site because search directs customers quickly to what they want. Just as adding salt to a recipe adds flavor, including an advanced site search to your eCommerce site enriches the shopping experience. Spice up your online shopping site by maximizing the impact […]

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Ecommerce Weekly Roundup!

Here are this week’s highlights in ecommerce news and outtakes. Happy reading, and enjoy the weekend! News Headlines: 4 Mistakes that Cost Online Stores (Practical Ecommerce) “For my recent online shopping experiences, the reason that I chose one store over another did not necessarily involve the products they sold or the prices. In fact, I didn’t […]

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