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Madewell could be made better…

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Yesterday’s post about the ShopStyle by POPSUGAR email led me to the Madewell ecommerce store. As I explored around this apparel site, I realized that one outtake led right to another, because there are some things on Madewell’s site that can definitely stand to be improved. Mainly and most importantly, there is a glaring lack […]


Ecommerce Snapshot: ShopStyle email

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I received an email from ShopStyle by POPSUGAR showcasing some new designer collaborations for spring. These are some really cool items, and I’m especially interested in the backpack in the lower left. Love the color combo! When I clicked, I was pretty disappointed. Over at the Madewell website, I discovered that the backpack isn’t available in the […]

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Badge of Honor: Bare Escentuals

bareescentuals copy

Don’t you love it when an ecommerce site just has it all? I know I do! Today’s Badge of Honor winner is definitely doing things right. Congratulations to Bare Escentuals, the brand behind skincare and makeup line Bare Minerals. Let’s check out the site and see what they’re doing that’s so awesome. My favorite thing […]

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You asked for it, Fish Finder Source!

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It has been a while, but we’re back with another You Asked For It post. Fish Finder Source requested a site review, and as always, we are here to help! We do have a few suggestions for this ecommerce store, so let’s dive right in. On the home page, I noticed a couple of things […]

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Lord & Taylor’s ecommerce site needs a makeover

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Here’s the thing about Lord & Taylor’s ecommerce site: I just don’t have the room. A post on this blog that mentioned every weird little problem I came across on their store (not to mention the ones I missed) would be way too long. What went wrong here? The basic structure of a good ecommerce […]

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Finding the Right Ecommerce Fit With True & Co.

true1 copy

Alright, here’s one for the ladies. You know how finding a bra that fits can be one of the more horrible and frustrating shopping experiences ever? (Guys, just go with us on this one) Well, there’s an ecommerce company called True & Co. that aims to make bra shopping easy and painless… using an algorithm. […]

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Adorama’s Ecommerce Site Search Drama

adorama1 copy

I was shopping on the ecommerce site Adorama for some electronics when I came across something bizarre. It all started when I searched for “Akai,” a brand that makes music production gear. When I performed the search however, I saw this page. There are two pictures here, one of a television and one of a […]


How do you prefer your ecommerce discounts?

onlineshoes copy

I received this email from ecommerce retailer Online Shoes the other day. The email talks about this 20% off sale and shows some of the shoes available with this offer. However, it’s a bit confusing because there’s no discount code, and it’s not very evident how you get the discount. Take a look: I clicked […]

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Badge of Honor: Proper Cloth

propercloth1 copy

It’s always been the goal of ecommerce to deliver a shopping experience that’s as good or better than physically going to a store. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to actually pull it off. This week’s Badge of Honor winner, custom shirt retailer Proper Cloth, pulls it off in a big way. A custom-made dress shirt that’s […]


Rakuten.com: new name needs a new checkout

rakuten1 copy

I was looking for a Samsung solid state drive (ssd) for my computer, so headed over to Rakuten.com (which you might know better by it’s former name, Buy.com). I knew just what I wanted, so when I got to the site, I entered “samsung ssd” into the search function. The search results showed me a […]