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Ecommerce Snapshot: Soho Fixed

sohofixed copy

Soho Fixed in London says they only make one custom bicycle every few weeks, so I understand that many of the products on their ecommerce site have already been sold. But here’s the thing. If the featured bike on the home page is sold out, then what’s the point of featuring it? I don’t like […]

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Get with the times, Daddy-O!

daddyo1 copy

While shopping for a retro gift for a friend, I came across Daddy-O’s ecommerce store. Retro and vintage clothing is one thing, but a retro website? Not so great. This ecommerce site needs some updates in a big way. Let’s take a look. Here’s the home page. They say they’ve had the best selection, price […]

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Badge of Honor: Hipmunk

hipmunk copy

Although not technically an ecommerce site, we have to take our hats off to Hipmunk for today’s Badge of Honor. Among travel booking websites, and there are some bad ones out there, this one is far and away the best and most helpful. Maybe Delta and United could take some hints from Hipmunk! Basically Hipmunk is […]

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Maybe I don’t want to join your club…


I recently received a great gift that I’m really excited about: a Nespresso coffee maker. Perfect for a caffeine addict like myself! However, it has just been sitting on my counter so far, because I don’t actually have any of the Nespresso coffee capsules that fit the machine. Of course, I headed to the Nespresso […]

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Problems with the Fabiola Molina ecommerce store…

fabiola1 copy

A friend who used to be a professional swimmer told me about the Fabiola Molina ecommerce site. Molina is a famous Brazilian swimmer who has her own line of swimwear, most of which is designed for swim training. My friend spoke so highly of these suits, I had to check out the site. Though the swimsuits […]

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Badge of Honor: ecommerce Live Chat

jildor copy

We all know how important customer service is to ecommerce. Filling in the gaps between the experience of shopping in a brick and mortar store and shopping on a website can be a huge task, and it’s often up to customer service teams to do just that. The live chat feature is a fantastic customer […]

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Too much: the SwimOutlet ecommerce shop

swimoutlet1 copy

When I first found myself on the ecommerce site SwimOutlet.com, an online swim shop, my first thought was “Too much!” The home page is overwhelming with options, and most of them are presented twice, which seems incredibly unnecessary  The left navigation lists the Specialty Shops as well as the Categories, and it has a drop-down menu to […]

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You Asked for it, Jasper and Troy!

jasper2 copy

We’re excited to have another edition of You Asked For It, because a new retailer has submitted their site for review by the eCO team! This next ecommerce site to enter into our lion’s den is Jasper and Troy, a seller of vintage prints and playing cards in the U.K. As usual, we have some […]


Ecommerce Snapshot: Serato

serato copy

It’s inevitable: everyone makes mistakes sometimes. Even in ecommerce, there are bound to be times when something just goes wrong. It happens to the best of us! The real trick is, how to deal with it in the best way possible? Well, here’s a snapshot from Serato, a retailer of audio software for professional DJ’s, showing […]

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Badge of Honor: Dollar Shave Club

dollarshave1 copy

In case you were on the fence about what a great YouTube video can do for your ecommerce brand, Dollar Shave Club is the prime example of the power of a great video. This ecommerce company, which sells men’s razors on a subscription basis, put a video online that went viral about a year ago. […]

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