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Finding the right yarn from Lion Brand

lionbrand copy

I’ve been feeling in the DIY mood lately, and during an online search for projects, I came across Lion Brand Yarns’ ecommerce and pattern site. This website is a great destination for both ideas and shopping, because it offers thousands of free patterns for knitting and crocheting, plus all the supplies you’ll need for the […]

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Mobile Badge of Honor: The Container Store


We are getting really excited about mobile here at Ecommerce Outtakes. Not long ago, we gave our first ever mobile Badge of Honor to the Will Call ticket app. Today, another mobile Badge of Honor goes out to The Container Store. As mobile ecommerce sites go, this one is tops. Take a look at what […]

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Ecommerce Snapshot: Betty Mills

bettymills1 copy

While searching for a new site to buy cleaning and business supplies for the office, I found myself on the Betty Mills Company ecommerce site. Looking over the home page, I noticed several mentions of their Snack Rewards program. There’s a little link to it at the top of the page, and another one above […]

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What’s in stock at Pier 1 anyway?

pier1 copy

Summer means spending time outdoors, so lots of people are shopping for outdoor furniture. There’s nothing quite like wicker, and it was a search for this that brought me to the Pier 1 Imports ecommerce site. I found that browsing for furniture on this site is fine, but buying it? Well, that’s another story. Take […]

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Too much text, Seagull Lighting!

seagulllighting1 copy

Keeping pages visually clean and simple is always a good rule of thumb to follow in ecommerce. Drawing the shopper’s eye with big graphics and visual elements is a nice way to keep a site from being overwhelming or complicated. So when I came across an example of an ecommerce site that relies heavily on […]

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Double check your emails, Etiquette Clothiers

etiqutteclothiers1 copy

It’s pretty obvious, but I’ll say it anyway: email marketing is huge in ecommerce. As such, it makes me pretty puzzled when I see emails that seem to have slipped through the cracks. Take this example of an email I received from Etiquette Clothiers. When I opened it, the email looked pretty blank. I clicked […]

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Uncommon Filters on Uncommon Goods

uncommon1 copy

In my last-minute quest to find an awesome Mother’s Day present, I found myself on an ecommerce website called Uncommon Goods. They sell all kinds of unique and interesting gifts, so I figured it would be a great place to find something cool for my mom. This online store definitely has their bases covered in terms […]


You Asked for It, Streetshop!

streetshop1 copy

Streetshop.ie requested a review of their ecommerce store from the eCO team, and here it is for you. Streetshop is a retailer of streetwear clothing, footwear and accessories, and to be honest, I have a lot of problems with this site. Let’s go ahead and dive on in. Obviously, the home page is the first impression […]

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Badge of Honor: Fab.com redesign


Okay, time for some real talk. I am going to be honest, and tell you that I shop on the Fab.com ecommerce site a lot. My apartment is gradually filling with awesome design that I’ve bought from this site. I love checking out what’s new each day, and I always discover something cool I’ve never seen […]


Office Max is not much help…

officemax copy

I went to the Office Max ecommerce site in search of a notebook. Now, by notebook, what I had in mind was some kind of nicely bound, 3-ring sort of notebook. The kind I could put a presentation in to make it look professional. Seems simple enough. But little did I know the flood of […]