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Cleaning up the Clutter at MowersAtJacks.com

mowersatjacks1 copy

Is there anything more summery than the smell of freshly cut grass? It’s something I don’t come across too often in New York City, but a girl can dream. It was this dream that lead me to an online search for lawnmowers. I ended up on the ecommerce site for Mowers at Jacks, where I […]

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Ecommerce Snapshot: EgyptianLinensOutlet.com

egyptianlinens copy

In a search for Egyptian Cotton Sheet sets, I came across the Egyptian Linens Outlet ecommerce site. When I got to the sheet sets section in the bed linens category, I found some various drop-down menus that made things a bit confusing. First of all, there’s a Find by Pricing menu at the top. Then in […]

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Mobile Outtake: Victoria’s Secret


Yesterday, I was shopping on the Victoria’s Secret mobile ecommerce site. It’s the final days of the big semi-annual sale, so I clicked on the sale section to see what kind of deals were left. At first, I didn’t have any problems with this site. There’s a filtering menu at the top, so you can […]

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Today’s Top Ecommerce News

How to Sell Online if You Already Have a Physical Store (PracticalCommerce.com) “There are many steps required to begin selling online, even if you already have a physical store. This article provides several how-to tips to start selling online if you already have a brick-and-mortar store.” 9 Simple Ways to Write Product Descriptions that Sell […]

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A Puzzling Offer from FootSmart.com

footsmart copy

It’s storming in New York City today, and I got soaked on my way to the office this morning. My wet feet inspired me to do a little online search for some rain boots, which is how I ended up on the FootSmart ecommerce site. I quickly found a pair of boots I liked and […]

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Badge of Honor: J & P Cycles

jpcycles copy

When the fender on my motorcycle mysteriously broke (no really, I have no idea how it happened), I had an ecommerce search ahead of me. I needed to find a great site to buy a new part. When I entered “motorcycle fender” into Google, the first result that came up was J & P Cycles. […]

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Today’s Top Ecommerce News

Promoting an eCommerce Store on a Budget (Theshoppad.com) “It’s difficult to get noticed as an alternative to the 800-pound gorillas of the eCommerce world. The search engines increasingly remove commercial sites from the results, replacing them with their own ads and shopping programs. Today, results focus more and more on content, not products. The secret to […]

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You Asked For It, Puppy Circle

puppycircle1 copy

We received a submission to Ecommerce Outtakes for a site review, so we’re bringing you another edition of You Asked For It! So which site is jumping into the lion’s den today? It’s an ecommerce site devoted to fashion for your furry friends: Puppy Circle Pet Couture. The site’s owner told us that throughout her […]

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Feeling Confused by Premier Supplies Ecommerce

premiersupplies1 copy

In my ongoing quest to find a good site for ordering office supplies, I came across the Premier Supplies ecommerce website. Let’s just say my quest is not over. This site is so strange! Upon arriving on the home page, it seemed like I was on the right track . The design here is actually […]

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Ecommerce News

Google’s New Feature of Transferring Money Using Gmail Would Give Ecommerce a Strong Boost (PRWeb) “According to a report on May 15, 2013 on CBS Local, Google users would now be able to actually transfer cash though attachment allowing them to make person-to-person payments online with consummate ease. Till recently, Gmail users could only transfer large files […]

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