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5 New High-tech Innovations Taking Ecommerce by Storm

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New technologies in ecommerce are helping find a medium between virtual and traditional brick-and-mortar storefronts. Some retailers are stepping up their services to provide a more personalized convenient way for shoppers to purchase their products. With the launch of Paypal’s new facial recognition service I decided to take a look into other technologies being used […]


Today’s Top News For August 20

Ecommerce trends that may help brands connect (Bizreport.com) ‘Back to school shoppers are expected to push more than $70 billion retail dollars into the US economy this month. That is a drop in the retail bucket, especially when we take holiday shopping forecasts into account. According to one forecast holiday shoppers could spend more than […]

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What’s the best ecommerce platform for your online business?

So you have a great product and you’re ready to open your online store, but you’re not technical and want to get started selling right away. Luckily there are many ecommerce platforms for you to choose from. These platforms make it easy for novice users to start their online business instantly. Some of these platforms […]