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3 Ecommerce Design Mistakes to Avoid, According to Science (Shopify Blog) “When you’re offering too many product choices, displaying too many pictures of your products, or arranging your products in jarring ways, you risk overwhelming your customers. You don’t want bad design to kill your sales. This post makes suggestions for optimizing your product display by drawing on the […]

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When Missing Product Images Ruin the Day

juicebeauty1 copy

Yesterday, while shopping for organic beauty products from Juice Beauty‘s ecommerce site, I came across some problems. Namely, I found many broken images that gave the site an unprofessional feel. Now, it is important to note that Juice Beauty has since fixed all these issues, but I think it’s worth posting to serve as an […]

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Looking for Visual Appeal from Heritage Foods USA

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I am interested in local and small farms, and it was while reading up on this topic that I came across the website for Heritage Foods USA. This company is all about raising rare breeds of livestock on small farms, and selling the meat to consumers and restaurants. Many restaurants in New York City buy […]

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Flat is the New Black: Simplify eCommerce with Flat Design

Microsoft's ecommerce store utilizes flat design.

By Cherene Etemadi In a matter of a few months, flat design has been making an appearance on most, if not all, ecommerce sites in some way, shape or form. Flat design is essentially a minimalist approach that takes on the foundational components that can include color, shape, and typography to project meaning. It’s no […]


Put Functionality Before Design, Free City Supershop!

freecity1 copy

As someone who reviews ecommerce sites daily, I know that the same old design and layout can get boring. I totally support websites that break the mold and try something new and fresh with their design. However, my support fades really quickly when design gets in the way of usability and functionality. A good example […]

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Badge of Honor: Rolex.com

rolex copy

Now, Rolex is another one of those not-quite-ecommerce sites that we come across sometimes. You can’t actually purchase a watch on Rolex’s website, but you can do everything else. Shoppers can view crisp, detailed images of the product, customize them with different metals and materials, and discover everything there is to know about each watch. […]

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Ecommerce News: Design

Links to Mcommerce & Ecommerce news sources and columnists. Focusing on the top daily articles from sources all across the world. Doing well in SEO requires a focus on site design (Internet Retailer) When e-retailers look at pages they want Google to look at kindly, they should think like a consumer and make sure the page […]

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