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The Cool Content on CoolaSuncare.com


It’s so crucial for ecommerce retailers to offer content that is both relevant and engaging for their customers. That’s why I really wanted to draw attention to CoolaSuncare.com, a site that sells organic sunscreen products. This site is by no means perfect, but they do offer some cool features that are relevant to their products […]

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How to Grow Your Ecommerce Business Without Gaining New Customers

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By Dave Landry   Ever walk into a cell phone store and hear a new customer get a better deal than you, even though you’ve had their service for a decade? I worked in the cellular business for several years, and I despised this practice. I wasn’t able to offer even my best customers what […]

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Today’s Top Ecommerce News

E-commerce could take 40pc of trade share by 2025 (LogisticsManager.com) “E-commerce could take a 40 per cent share of overall trade volumes in developed countries by 2025, according to a study by Deutsche Post DHL.┬áToday e-commerce makes up eight per cent of the overall trading volume in Europe already, but the study found that this […]

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Site search problems on Hurley.com

hurley1 copy

When I’m stuck sweltering in the city on these hot summer days, I always think about other places I could be having fun in the sun. Dreaming of the beach leads me to dreaming of beachwear, so I started browsing online. I found myself on the Hurley ecommerce site, and I decided to search the […]


Should there be more size filters on Altrec.com?

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A search for outdoor gear led me to the Altrec ecommerce site today. As I was browsing around, I noticed a tab at the top labeled Outlet. Now I love a good deal, so of course I’m going to check out what’s on sale! I headed over to the Outlet and clicked on the Women’s […]

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Cleaning up the Clutter at MowersAtJacks.com

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Is there anything more summery than the smell of freshly cut grass? It’s something I don’t come across too often in New York City, but a girl can dream. It was this dream that lead me to an online search for lawnmowers. I ended up on the ecommerce site for Mowers at Jacks, where I […]

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