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ECommerce News: Mobile

Apple users are far more valuable than Android users (Internet Retailer) “This is important in light of the fact that smartphones running Google Inc.’s Android mobile operating system far outpace Apple Inc.’s iPhone in terms of smartphone market share. Android phones account for 52.5% of smartphones in use while iPhones account for 34.3%, according to […]

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Enough with the confusing coupon codes!

ofakind1 copy

I received an email from Of a Kind, which is a really awesome site that features collections from up-and-coming designers and shares those designers’ stories. Usually I enjoy opening their emails and seeing what cool new apparel or accessories they have on the website. However, this particular email made me cringe. Take a look: Ugh […]

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Price Filters on the Fancy

thefancy1 copy

Back in August, we wrote a post about The Fancy, pointing out some difficulties we were having with navigation, purchasing and filters on the site. We checked back in on The Fancy, and we’re happy to report that they listened. When you hover over the Gifts tab, there are now some cool filtering options. Check […]

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The Fine Print on Frank & Oak

frank&oak1 copy

It’s happened to us all before: You come across a service that seems so cool and so simple, you’re sold almost immediately. You’re excited to get started… until you notice the fine print. Turns out it’s not quite as simple as you thought. What a frustrating experience. I came across just such an experience from […]

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