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The Top 3 e-commerce Filtering Mistakes

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On Ecommerce Outtakes, we see our fair share of e-commerce filtering mistakes. Maybe more than our fair share, actually. So today we wanted to break it down, and show you where these missteps fall. When you take a broad view and separate it into categories, these are the top 3. Let’s take a look. Filtering […]

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Merrell, where are your filters?

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While browsing around various shoe websites, I came across several pairs of Merrell shoes I liked. To get more information and compare prices, I decided to go straight to the source and check out Merrell.com. Although I’m generally impressed by their products, I was sadly not so impressed by the e-commerce site. Here’s why. From […]

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The Inconsistency of Anthropologie

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I received a gift card for Anthropoligie for Christmas, so I was scoping out their site today to see what kind of goodies I could find. I really love Anthropologie, and I think they have some beautiful merchandise to offer, but I have to say that their website is only so-so. When it comes to […]

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Availability not guaranteed

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A couple weeks ago, I was searching for gift ideas for an office holiday party, so I decided to take a look at Restoration Hardware. Right from the home page, I saw a section for stocking stuffers that seemed like it would be the perfect place to find a gift for a coworker. As I […]

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Ecommerce News: Usability

3 Reasons Online Customers Never Return (Multichannel Merchant) “The bottom line is that they didn’t find the shopping experience memorable—and you may never see them again. But fear not, there is a proven method for visitor retention. And it’s called personalization—aka using what you know about your online visitors to create highly individualized experiences for them.” […]

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Gift Tree’s Frustrating Checkout Process

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While shopping on GiftTree.com, I came across some outtakes I had to share. The issues popped up while I was going through the checkout process to purchase a Champagne & Flutes Gift Set. First, when I entered the zip code where I wanted the gift delivered, it wouldn’t work. More annoyingly, it wouldn’t tell me why. […]

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The Bad Filtering Madness Continues…

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If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know that we come across a lot of weird filtering and sorting issues in our e-commerce experience. But I have to say, the filters I encountered today on a site called Socks Max might just take the cake. What does it take to top the […]


Enough with the confusing coupon codes!

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I received an email from Of a Kind, which is a really awesome site that features collections from up-and-coming designers and shares those designers’ stories. Usually I enjoy opening their emails and seeing what cool new apparel or accessories they have on the website. However, this particular email made me cringe. Take a look: Ugh […]

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The Fine Print on Frank & Oak

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It’s happened to us all before: You come across a service that seems so cool and so simple, you’re sold almost immediately. You’re excited to get started… until you notice the fine print. Turns out it’s not quite as simple as you thought. What a frustrating experience. I came across just such an experience from […]

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