Retargeting – Yes: Great Idea…But What’s the Point of Sending Us to a Site Where the Product is Out of Stock?

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I know that, what with the earthquake and stress about nuclear plants at risk, hiring an Information Architect and User Experience expert is not high priority. But if you do not believe in filtering, reducing the amount of clicks or easy taxonomy, can you at least for GOD’S SAKE create sub-categories in the left navigation?

Sweepstakes of 1,000 Sony Rewards points will be given to the users who can guess how you view ALL items and not just the featured ones! The screenshot is for the camcorders. It says there are (40) of them. How do I get to see all (40)? redesign



The ECOT solution will be to have another tab near the “Featured” tab that says “View All.” What do you think?

And: While browsing the new website, I came across this pop-up, and I am trying to educate myself on what it means. Any developers out there? Error

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