Western Digital: Roller-coaster Rides For Free

Sometimes I like to check out different tech websites to see what kind of deals they have to offer. This time, I was on a mission to find a Solid State Drive (or ssd if you please). I made my way over to westerndigital.com and begun my hunt.

First page looks good – a lot of navigation and I find ‘Solid State Storage’ right underneath the ‘Internal Storage’ tab. Looking good.I click on the size that I am looking for (2gb-128gb) and it takes me to the next page. This is where things start to get messy. There are two ‘Where To Buy’ links that I can possibly click on… But why? I think that one is enough as long as it is visible to the customers.

I click on the ‘Where To Buy’ tab on the top left but the page it takes me to an odd page. There are no products, no clickable links (except support) and there are no online stores. The only thing on this page is a bunch of addresses for Western Digital’s worldwide locations… Strange. I thought I came here for some online shopping?

After that mind-boggling event, I go back to the previous page and click on the ‘Where To Buy’ tab on the bottom left corner. This is better, I select my region and then the WD online store.

Great stuff! I am getting ready to see something exciting – some storage devices! But of course not.. This page is almost the same as their homepage but where is the product I searched for? I go back to the ‘Internal Storage’ tab  and the categories are completely different. There is no ‘NAS’, no ‘Enterprise’,  no ‘Solid State Storage’ NOTHING. All they have is ‘Desktop’ and ‘Mobile’. What was the point of making me click all those links in the beginning only to bring me to a page without  the product I am looking for? At this point I am not sure if the product is out of stock or if is just lost in all these tabs and navigation.

So where is the ssd I clicked on in the beginning? How do I buy it? I type in ssd in the search bar as a last resort and there is nothing… Sigh.

Okay Western Digital as a solution, reduce the number of pages that we have to click through. Allow us to click ‘Where To Buy’ as soon as we click on the product we are looking for. Take us straight to the online stores after we click on one of the products.

No one likes to go on a roller-coaster ride only to lose track of the product they were looking for in the first place.




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Keep it Simple Sabon

I am shopping around for a few gifts on Sabon because they have a really great feature for finding gifts. So I check out a few items with the ‘Quick Shop’ tab (thinking it is the same as ‘Quick View’). All is well right now, I’m really enjoying browsing their site..

Until I scroll up and click ‘My Bag’…WHOA! I do not remember adding this many items to my cart! $206.56! What happened? And I have to click on each of them one by one to remove them from the cart.. Exhausting!

I need to re-trace my steps. I go back to the home page and click on ‘Quick Shop’ for one of the lotions.. OooOoohh I see! ‘Quick Shop’ does not mean ‘Quick View’. On Sabon’s page, clicking on ‘Quick Shop’ automatically adds items to your cart. OOPS. How did I not notice this?

Also, apparently if you scroll over each item, there is a floating ‘Quick View’ button which pops up.. It’s like magic! So Sabon has both a ‘Quick View’ and a ‘Quick Shop’ button.

So… How can we solve this problem of confused customers? Make the ‘Quick View’ button permanent and change ‘Quick Shop’ to ‘Add To Cart’ so that customers see that there is a difference between the two, like so..

The main issue with the site is the wording of the function.. Look on many eCommerce sites, “Quick View” and “Add to Cart” are pretty universal.  So universal that the reason this confusion happened is because I, like many, only scanned the page for keywords.  I see  “Quick” and I go.  It is really tedious to remove all the items  after you realize that you have accidentally added to your cart.  In this case, it might be best for Sabon to keep it simple and stick to the standards.

But of course, I ended up buying some products; I just couldn’t resist.



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Allsaints: Look Book Ain’t Lookin’ Good

I love websites which feature look-books. They are a great way to show your customers the clothes in different ways and gives them outfit ideas. What I do not like is when one of the featured items in the look-book isn’t available and there are no alternative items in its place. For example, I really liked this jacket on the All Saints website (which I found because of the look-book) but it was nowhere to be found on the site.

Same goes for this look… With something as basic as a beanie, it should be relatively easy to give us an alternative..

My solution is so simple that I don’t know why it must be said.. Provide your customers with an alternate jacket/beanie or whatever piece you do not have in stock.. It doesn’t hurt.



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Refinery 29: Here Is Your Badge Of Honor

Have you checked out Refinery29‘s website? It is a refreshing mix of blog and webstore and keeps the readers captivated. I wanted to spend the whole day reading the blog posts and even purchase some of the items they were blogging about. This is a great example of giving your brand a personality and so customers are more likely to purchase items impulsively because they like your blog posts. The website could have easily crossed over to the dark side and by dark side I mean over cluttered and overwhelming but R29 did just enough and for that, here is your Badge Of Honor.



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Free Math Lessons At The Body Shop

I accidentally typed body shop into my Google search bar instead of into my browser and the first thing I saw is that The Body Shop is offering free shipping on orders over $50.. Who doesn’t love free shipping?

Great stuff! I make my way onto their website and the first thing I see is ‘Free Shipping With Any $30 purchase’ Which one is it? Granted, it is a promotion and it ends on 7/25 but sending out mixed messages to your customers isn’t cool.

I suggest that you fix the oversight on Google or on your page because it is really confusing. But thanks for the 50,000 offers on your homepage! 🙂

But that was yesterday and now we are back to the regular offer.. I guess The Body Shop figured that if it was a short promo, there was no need to edit their Google results page.

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Gotta Get My Glasses Out for Geeks.com

I have been procrastinating on shopping  for a new GPS  but I desperately need one so I make my way over to Geeks.com. I am not sure about this site because it is so cluttered and everything is written in a tiny tiny font. Oh well, I click on GPS devices and look around. Just one device? But what type of layout is this? Is it only like this because there is only one GPS available? The offer for the android tablet is so huge compared to the other font on the page. This reminds me of the Auto Zone page – small fonts (where’s my glasses?) and overbearing offers.

Well, there’s nothing to see here so I click on digital cameras just to see if anything catches my eye.. Oh wow…the products are listed vertically, one by one, which means endless scrolling for me since I am just browsing with nothing specific in mind. My eyes are again caught by the deals they have –  just because they take up a lot of space on the page – and I completely miss the ‘Subcategories’ tab on the left. I end up scrolling all the way to the bottom of the page through tons of ctegories and products. Tiresome…

To  solve this issue, let’s list the products next to one another to reduce amount of scrolling, as shown below. The current layout makes the page look over crowded and it is not conducive for casual browsing at all.  And let’s just keep the deals at the top of the page away from the shopping area but in a highlighted spot.

Also, let’s increase the font of ‘Subcategories’.  This will draw the customers’ attention and make those filters for the cameras stand apart from the other products. I didn’t even realize that the ‘Subcategories’ would filter through the digital cameras for me… I assumed they were more general products available.. They got lost in the clutter.  Another solution would be to add ‘Sort by Type’ next to ‘Sort By Price’ and have these subcategories as a drop down menu. Include arrows on the bottom of the page so that customers can click to the next page easily.

Hey Geeks.com, let’s work together to make your site a little more user-friendly. Reading glasses are for books, not for shopping 🙂 Let’s add some appropriately placed filters, easy navigation and some bigger fonts.  You don’t want your customers to get lost on your page, give up and move on to another website!


Edited to add: We love companies who give feedback. Check out Geeks.com’s response to our blog post



A Jump Start for AutoZone

I think that when you go to a website for car parts, you aren’t really going for the browsing experience, now are you?  My expectations from such websites are very high.  I expect to be able to find what I am looking for without having to click through too many pages because I am visiting for a specific reason.

Now that that is established… I go onto Auto Zone’s website in search of a new battery for my car. First of all, the homepage has no products at all, only a mass of offers and coupons and what not.  Ok, fine… I click on ‘Replacement Parts’ and then ‘Batteries’


I expect to see some batteries right away. This isn’t a fun shopping experience for me and I want to get right to the point.  This is the next page that comes up.. NO BATTERIES?! Just two of the same filters… WHY?  It makes more sense to have all the battery products and then have filters on the side. I clicked on batteries, and this means that I came here for a purpose! Notice the prominent display of “Other Customers Also Viewed…”I am not interested in your shaping and bumping hammer, at least not until I find my batteries. If I ever. Navigating this page is so tiresome.

I notice ‘Select A Vehicle’ in a meek orange font and I figure out that it is the main point of this landing page. If so why wouldn’t Auto Zone use a bolder font? I am all for personalized shopping but you must go all out! Presenting it to me in such a tiny font will draw my attention elsewhere for example, your live chat or your hammers and that’s not what I want.  I came in to buy some batteries.

As a solution, make sure that ‘Select A Vehicle’ stands out. Also put some batteries on the category page and then have the filters on the side so we can sift through the products.

Anyway, in the end I put in all my information and after a series of clicks I finally find the battery parts I am looking for.  While I appreciate Auto Zone’s attempt at creating a personal shopping experience, let’s streamline the whole process!  Simple as some changes to font size and thought out placement of merchandising.


Edited to add: Love to hear back from companies! It shows that they actually care.


@autozone check out our blog to see what we think about your site in general. http://ecommerceouttakes.com/2012/07/24/a-jump-start-for-autozone/ …


@EcomOuttakes Thanks for the feedback, and we noticed in your previous tweet. Our site design is being updated.


Hollister: Here’s Your Badge of Honor

And today’s badge of honor goes to Hollister. *Cue dramatic music*

I love that Hollister offers their customers both a product view and a model view. Makes the customer have a better idea of what they are going to buy and we are all for that!


Money Talks on Verizon

I dropped my iPhone so I was on a mission this weekend to find a cheap deal on Verizon. I typed iPhone into the search bar and filtered by price-from low to high, expecting to see all the lovely deals. Nope. I was met with a ton of support articles. Thanks Verizon for offering these at such a low price!

I kept  clicking next until I reached page 23 and gave up. No products…Why does Verizon place support articles on the search page when you sort by price? I think it is fairly normal for people to want to see low prices first.  Is it that their filters are faulty or is it that Verizon only wants us to buy their higher priced phones? Hmmm…

Let’s try something else. I click ‘Products’ but still,  I only get support pages… no phones…

I finally give up and sort by price-from highest to lowest and voila, phones!

Why are you only trying to sell us expensive phones Verizon?!  You have the filters there for a reason and we shouldn’t have to sort through 23 pages of articles to find a phone.  Not cool!

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Living Social, But Feeling Hungry

I am a foodie and everyone knows this. I had heard so much about living social from my coworkers that I decided to check it out for myself to see if I could find any good deals for restaurants in NYC. So I sign up, put in my email, name and city and I go to my homepage to look for some restaurants. But there is no tab for restaurants or food… Weird.. Their categories are really vague and so I click on each of them to see what they have to offer.

I click on each category with the hope of finding some restaurants but I see nothing. I guess there are no restaurant deals for today.

Living Social, I suggest you have a drop down menu for each category with sub-categories because at the moment they are too broad and might turn your clients away.

I realize there is  no search bar so I can’t even type in ‘restaurants’.. I’m stuck. It would also be nice to have a search bar so that we can look for specific deals.

Because I was having a hard time on living social finding exactly what I wanted, I went to look for other deal websites. And guess what? Quite a few of them had similar issues with categories. Why? Is this some sort of way to get us to not find the deals we are looking for?

Instead of categorizing them by location only, why not include other categories like restaurants, products, family etc

Same goes for Deal Find.


We love your deals and it would be great if we could find them without navigating through your whole site.

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