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ECommerce Daily News: Industry

M-Commerce Boom Over Holidays: One-Third Of E-Commerce Traffic Was Mobile; Sales Up 171%, Conversions Up 30% (TechCrunch) “According to new figures released today from mobile commerce startup Branding Brand, mobile commerce over the 2012 holiday season saw major gains, with visits to m-commerce websites up 109 percent year-over-year, page views up by 116 percent, conversions up 30 percent, […]

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Sometimes it’s not the site, it’s the shopper…


Hmmm, what if you could do this??? 🙂 Happy 2013 Everyone!

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The Stockholm Syndrome Stops with Chrome

An infinite load to sign up for a simple newsletter.

During the harsh Swedish Winter, all I could think about was taking off and getting back to the Mediterranean. But when Spring finally arrived, I found myself not using my new strength to leave but wanting to stay. The Baltic Sea lapping up against small cobble stone roads, the Scandi style and the lagom mindset convinced me to […]

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Not very PC…


I was shopping around on Everlane, and their Classic Tote caught my eye. I love the bright orange color, not to mention the price, so I clicked through. But then I read the product details, and my heart sunk a little. Take a look, way down in the lower right corner: “Fits any size Macbook.” […]

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GMD-Girl Meets Downsale


Girl Meet Dress, or GMD,  is a dress rental business (dress ‘hiring’ for our friends across the pond). This isn’t the same dress rental place tucked away in that failing shopping corner which tries to pawn off ill-tailored dresses as haute couture. GMD is the opposite, they carry luxurious dresses for parties, proms or any other social […]

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Ecommerce Critique


Hi All, I am starting a new section on this blog – Ecommerce  Critiques You can send in your websites (or your friend’s website, I don’t mind) for a critique/blog post which can be uploaded publicly or privately. The point of this is to give advice and tips on how to better ecommerce sites. All […]

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Creepy McCreepington- Yes you, VOIP Spam.

Viop 3 copy

Look what landed in my email the other day…  I don’t even understand the text that was included in the email. What has NASA got to do with a phone system? And what is up WITH THE CAPITALS? Spam is annoying, but bad spam? That takes an extra effort. And this picture.. Wasn’t it possible […]

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Subscribe by Email!

Hey Loyal Readers, You can now subscribe to our posts by email… Cool, huh?  Thanks to one of our readers for offering the suggestion. By entering your email in the box to the right, you will receive our full posts in your inbox, pics and all. Great for the commute home while on the train […]


HP: 6 Clicks to Nowhere

HP 1

HP has given me a headache with their navigation and filters – or lack thereof! It is worse than IKEA. I need some networking switches for my office and so I head straight to the HP website to look for them. First page.. simple & clean… great… I am on a mission.  I click on […]


ECommerce Strategy: My Thoughts In a Picture


Our friends over at ECommerce Partners came up with this awesome infographic which shows exactly what I have been talking about all along.. Any good site should make sure they have covered these steps or they might end up on this blog.. Research & Data Collection -> Strategy -> Design & Development -> Marketing -> […]

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