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What is the Internet? [Video]

We stumbled upon this video the other day, and we thought it was so funny we just had to share. Kids today have grown up with the Internet, but can they explain what it is? Not really… But it’s pretty hilarious to watch them try:

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The Wonders of Online Shopping!

Happy Labor Day everyone! We hope you’re all enjoying the holiday weekend (you can bet we are), so we wanted to share a funny video with you. Check out this clip from the always hilarious Ellen Show. Ellen found some pretty weird products while shopping online…  

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Weekend Read: The Top Ecommerce News Of This Week

Time to kick back and relax your feet…Check out this week’s recap of ecommerce news. 9 Data Sets Every Ecommerce Company Should Measure ( “Curious about which metrics really matter, we asked a panel of successful e-commerce entrepreneurs which pieces of data they measure regularly and what it tells them about their overall strategy. Their […]

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Get to Know an Ecommerce Insider: John Lawson of ColderICE

JohnLawson copy

Today we’re kicking off a new segment on the Ecommerce Outtakes blog. We’ll be interviewing ecommerce industry insiders, and giving you the scoop. For the first interview in this series, I spoke with John Lawson, an ecommerce consultant, speaker, and manager of the ColderICE blog. He told me all about what ecommerce topics are hot […]


5 New High-tech Innovations Taking Ecommerce by Storm

ecommerce technology

New technologies in ecommerce are helping find a medium between virtual and traditional brick-and-mortar storefronts. Some retailers are stepping up their services to provide a more personalized convenient way for shoppers to purchase their products. With the launch of Paypal’s new facial recognition service I decided to take a look into other technologies being used […]


Today’s Top Ecommerce News For August 16

10 ways to increase ecommerce conversions through SEO ( “If seeing an upwards traffic line but a revenue plateau on analytics is a familiar story, then you need to stop thinking of search-engine optimisation (SEO) as a way to bring traffic and start thinking of it as more of a holistic approach that includes everything […]

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Is This The Future Of Ecommerce? Googles Experiments With YouTube Stores

youtube ecommerce

When Google bought Youtube we knew it was an acquisition to further cement their stake in the online video industry. An average of 72 Hours of video are uploaded to youtube every 60 seconds ranging from all different subjects. One of the most popular categories has been instructional how-to videos which has been led by […]

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Weekend Reading: Top Ecommerce News Of The Week

Five tips for converting the last-minute Father’s Day shopper ( “As we saw in the recently released 2013 Planning Guide: Spring and Summer, close to one-third of consumers shopping for Father’s Day this year will make at least some of those purchases online. This annual consumer survey conducted by BIGinsight for NRF also revealed […]

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Today’s Top Ecommerce News

The Importance of Social Media for Ecommerce Websites (Ecommerce Marketing) “Since the early 2000s, online social media has made rapid growth in shaping the Internet. Today, hundreds of millions if not billions of people spending their time on social media portals such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and YouTubes.” State of the E-Conomy: e-commerce […]

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Ecommerce News

Google’s New Feature of Transferring Money Using Gmail Would Give Ecommerce a Strong Boost (PRWeb) “According to a report on May 15, 2013 on CBS Local, Google users would now be able to actually transfer cash though attachment allowing them to make person-to-person payments online with consummate ease. Till recently, Gmail users could only transfer large files […]

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