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Guest Post: Resolving Ecommerce Channel Conflicts

DeMarini Sports has an online presence, but refers customers to retailers like Dick's to purchase their bats and other products.

By Kinjal Adeshara While ecommerce has revolutionized the sales processes and opened up new avenues of sales for manufacturers, it has also disrupted the old processes and created many new problems. The issue of channel conflict is often problematic for large organizations, traditionally involved in B2B sales, with strong sales channels. Not only is there […]


Is Your Ecommerce Search Lost in Translation?

lostintranslation1 copy

By Kemberly Gong There are a number of concerns ecommerce managers have in mind when their sites launch internationally – are all of the product descriptions translated and offered in the correct currency? Are all of the major pages translated and designed for an international audience? Is the usability of the site designed to match […]

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Get to Know an Ecommerce Insider: Noam Inbar of Zooz

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We’re back with another edition of our interview series, Get to Know an Ecommerce Insider. Today, we’re featuring a conversation with Noam Inbar, VP of Business Development at Zooz, a payment platform for ecommerce sites and apps. She told us about why she’s passionate about ecommerce, what’s important in online payment, and which sites she […]

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10 Ways The Internet Sales Tax Will Change The Online Marketplace


By Willie Pena The Marketplace Fairness Act of 2013 will require online retailers making more than $1 million dollars to charge customers sales taxes if those customers live in a state that has a state levy. This new retail charge will shift the cyber marketplace, subjecting big sellers to tax bills from nearly every state. The […]


Payment Options Abound in Ecommerce


by Sara Collins of NerdWallet If your business has an online store, you need to know the ins and outs of ecommerce and your options. Simply put, ecommerce is the way your website is able to accept payment over a secure connection. It’s how you make money when someone isn’t directly handing you cash or […]


Travel Ecommerce: How Innovative Technology lets Consumers Control their Experience

By Noam Inbar of ZooZ Consumers worldwide are still reluctant to give credit card details online due to security concerns with e-commerce. Yet, the same consumers have been more than willing to book flights and hotels online since the previous decade. The travel industry was one of the first industries to introduce e-commerce to its […]


Why eCommerce Stores (Still!) Have No Cart Abandonment Solution

by Dena Goldberg of Aidalicious If you were the owner of a retail store, and it was your lifeblood to get sales, you’d be pretty freaked out if you routinely saw more than half of your potential customers line up at the register and then suddenly leave without any discernible explanation as to why. In […]


For Faceted Navigation, Follow These 5 Best Practices

by Dawn Mortensen, SLI Systems “Faceted navigation is arguably the most significant search innovation of the past decade,” said Peter Morville and Jeffery Callender in their book Search Patterns (O’Reilly, 2010). For eCommerce, the ability to refine search results by facets (a.k.a. filters) like gender, size or color has revolutionized the consumer’s ability both to […]

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Guest Post: Tips to Improve Your Search Results Cells

Lakeshore Learning features product image, title, pricing and reviews for a clean, clear layout.

By: Kemberly Gong Sometimes in the individual cells of your search results page, it’s tempting to throw in every feature but the kitchen sink. Including all product specs and links to social sharing alongside the image of the product will make users more informed and engaged, right? Wrong. Behaviorally speaking, shoppers first skim through products, […]

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Guest Post: Telling Stories


By Vik Venkatraman The landing page. It’s the start of a narrative, the beginning of a relationship, and if you’re good — the opening of a great story. Sometimes, the product is the hero. Sometimes, its something else entirely. However, the common thread is that the great sites start showing you the road to walk down, paved with yellow bricks […]

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