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How to Grow Your Ecommerce Business Without Gaining New Customers

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By Dave Landry   Ever walk into a cell phone store and hear a new customer get a better deal than you, even though you’ve had their service for a decade? I worked in the cellular business for several years, and I despised this practice. I wasn’t able to offer even my best customers what […]

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Site Search, The Secret Ingredient for Ecommerce Success


By Rory Carlyle of SearchSpring It’s no secret: everyone has secrets. People and corporations alike have to keep them in order to hold a differentiator from those around them. Soda companies keep their mixtures hidden, professional sports teams keep their plays out of sight, and sneaky old grandma had her recipes locked-down like Alcatraz. It’s […]

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Best Practices for Creating Engaging Ecommerce Videos

Guest Post By Charlie Rall of Video Review Labs Product videos are dead. I’m talking about the dull spinning, white backdrop glamour shots with the logo bar at the bottom of the screen. That’s the 360 degree photography made famous by late night QVC. The web has changed, of course, but brands are still throwing money […]

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Mobile Commerce & Your Global Footprint in 2014


By Shane P. Russo   Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets have changed the course of all aspects of daily life, including entertainment, communication, and especially business. Mobile apps can be a great way to target and reach consumers in countries all over the planet, and having a sound mobile strategy can be an excellent […]

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Chip cards are coming to America, but ecommerce is another story


 by Anne Leisz of Processing Finder   For the past two decades, banks around the world have been aggressively converting to chip cards and chip reading terminals in an effort to combat rampant fraud with newer technologies – except for banks in the United States. Now at long last, banks, merchants, and the card associations […]

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The Simplest Advice to Improve SEO

Search engine optimization is one of the hottest topics in digital marketing because search engines, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo!, drive a majority of a company’s traffic to its website. The more traffic a website receives, the greater volume of impressions it makes. Whether the site is for ecommerce, blogging, social media, or any […]

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Flat is the New Black: Simplify eCommerce with Flat Design

Microsoft's ecommerce store utilizes flat design.

By Cherene Etemadi In a matter of a few months, flat design has been making an appearance on most, if not all, ecommerce sites in some way, shape or form. Flat design is essentially a minimalist approach that takes on the foundational components that can include color, shape, and typography to project meaning. It’s no […]


Why to Choose Magento for your Ecommerce Store

By Nirmal Mali A recent study identified Magento as the ecommerce industry’s most popular platform ahead of its nearest competitors with a 31% slice of market share. One of the reasons why it’s so popular is that Magento-powered ecommerce sites are raking in the big bucks for their website owners. Also, these owners are able […]

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A Tales of Terrible Online Shopping Honorable Mention

ComputerFrustration2 copy

As most of our readers know, last month we ran the Tales of Terrible Online Shopping contest on our Facebook Page. We selected a winner, and you can check out her winning entry here, but we had some other great submissions that we really wanted to share as well. Today, we’re awarding an Honorable Mention […]

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We Have a Winner!

KristineReam copy

Last month, we ran a contest on our Facebook page asking our fans to submit their Tales of Terrible Online Shopping. There was a lot of ranting, and understandably so. It sounds like some of you have been through the ecommerce ringer! We selected a winning entry by  our Facebook fan Kristine R., and we’re […]