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Nordstrom Looks for Customer UX Feedback

nordstromUX1 copy

While exploring the Nordstrom ecommerce site the other day, I came across something really interesting. I happened to click on a picture while browsing that led me to a Complete Looks page. Basically, it showed me all the items that the model in the image is wearing so that I could shop the individual pieces […]

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An Update from Beardbrand: They Listened!

beardbrand4 copy

Back in November, we wrote a review about ecommerce retailer Beardbrand. This online store had some great men’s grooming products, but the website was a bit lacking. The home page featured too many products, the top navigation wasn’t very intuitive, and filtering on the category page was a bit strange. Well today I am happy […]

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Still Wishing for More from Lord & Taylor

lord&taylor3 copy

Several months ago, I wrote a post about some problems I encountered on Lord & Taylor’s ecommerce site. Today I revisited their website, and I was happy to find that many of those issues I raised in my post had been fixed. Always great to see! However, as I explored the site, I realized that this […]


Price Filters on the Fancy

thefancy1 copy

Back in August, we wrote a post about The Fancy, pointing out some difficulties we were having with navigation, purchasing and filters on the site. We checked back in on The Fancy, and we’re happy to report that they listened. When you hover over the Gifts tab, there are now some cool filtering options. Check […]

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Best Tweet Ever!!!

bouqstweet copy

Well, we have to give another shout out to The Bouqs. When we tweeted about their Badge of Honor, not only did they give us the quickest response we’ve ever seen, but they also gave us a promo code! Feel free to use it, dear readers, to give some fresh-cut goodness to yourself or someone […]

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Thanks for Listening, Babesta!

babesta7 copy

A couple weeks ago, we wrote a post about Babesta, an NYC-based retailer that sells clothes and gear for babies and kids. There were a few things we thought needed some work on the site, and we were really excited to find out that the people at Babesta took our suggestions to heart. They sent […]

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Piperlime’s Cool New Email Design

piperlime copy

Back in September, I wrote a post about Piperlime and a misleading email they sent out. Basically, the email contained images of the items on sale in The Outlet, and one dress in particular caught my eye. But when I got to The Outlet, that dress was nowhere to be found because it had sold […]

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Update: evo listened!


Last week, we wrote a post about evo’s Google links mix-up. Basically, the link from their Google ad led to a really weird page that listed a ton of categories, instead of the polished page they probably intended. We tweeted at them to let them know, and they fixed the problem. Now, when you click […]

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Thanks, World Market!


Yesterday, I posted about an issue I had with one of the “Inspiration & Solutions” posts from World Market. Well today, World Market replied and actually made some updates to their page. I went back to check it out, and they definitely made it easier to find the scarves in each picture. Now, when you […]

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