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Search For The Search Bar!

search bar

Let’s see if you can spot the search bar for this page.. Hey guys, just a reminder,  if you want your customers to use your search bar,  please try not to hide it from us at the bottom of the page!


Need I Say More? (Pt. 2)


You honestly need to visit this site to get the full experience. The scroll bar on the bottom is endless. How great is that? Honestly I don’t even know what the point of this site is but.. need I say more?


New Egg: Ghost Products

new egg no picture copy

Usually when I click on a product I want to see a few pictures so I can decide if I really want it or not. Unfortunately, on, the most you get is a white space representing the product 🙁  I was only able to see this product when I clicked on the empty space […]

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Need I Say More?




Really Target? You have just what I am looking for?

Target water shoes copy

A simple search for water shoes on the Target website, and what do I see first?? Women’s boots, shoes and other merchandise…. ” WE’VE GOT JUST WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR.”  Well thanks Target.  Only, they aren’t the water shoes I searched for.  I get that target is trying to link me to other products […]

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Poof!!! There Goes the Macy’s Mailing list

Macys where is it copy

I am one of those people who actually likes signing up for emails and mailing lists because you never know what offers you might find right? Right! So here I am, perusing Macy’s website and I realize that I haven’t actually signed up for their mailing list. Abomination! I automatically scroll down to the bottom […]

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Jack Spade: Here’s A Recommendation- More Of The Same Stuff!

jackspade1 copy

Sometimes when I’m shopping online, I stumble on recommendations and end up buying those products.  This time, I am browsing around Jack Spade’s site.  When I search for men’s wallets, how come the only recommended products are wallets?  It would make more sense to suggest complementary products. Ok, so they do offer that colorful bag which goes […]

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Oh Sabon: A Rose is a Rose is a…What?


Sabon,  a great company selling excellent quality merchandise, sends me an email. It’s pretty. It’s offering me what looks like a great deal (a $45 value with $100+ purchase). Only: I have no idea what I’m going to get. What is a Rose Aroma? In the picture, I see some roses, some roses that may […]

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Hey, Ticketmaster: The Bird Got Flipped


I like that Andrew Bird. Great music, lots of different styles. AND…sometimes he whistles in his songs. So, when I get an email about his show, I’m all excited. Until, that is, I read the not-so-fine fine print. If you’re sending an email blast announcing “Various Venues” in “Various Cities,” you haven’t done due diligence […]

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Yo, ecommr: Whattr You All About?


Always looking out for competition, which helps best practices. Know your “enemy” and all that. So, I came across this site below, and, well, I can’t quite make heads or tails of it. Looks like there’s some star system involved. YoYo (two top right boxes) get five stars and no stars. You drill down into […]

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