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Nordstrom Shoes and the Color Selection problem

While browsing for dress shoes last week, I came across this pair of Original Penguin Wingtips on the Nordstrom website for 50% off. There are only two colors available, but they are on sale…so I can’t complain much. Although this isn’t the first time we’ve come across problems with a Nordstrom sale on this blog. The […]

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The Bad Filtering Madness Continues…

socksmax1 copy

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know that we come across a lot of weird filtering and sorting issues in our e-commerce experience. But I have to say, the filters I encountered today on a site called Socks Max might just take the cake. What does it take to top the […]


Wishing for More from Everything Displays

displays4 copy

We are gearing up for a big event around here, so we had to shop for a trade show display. What’s the event, you ask? Why we’re going to the National Retail Federation 102nd Annual Convention and EXPO, and we’re really excited about it! But more on that later… Now, in browsing the web for […]

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Sandro: Easy on the Eyes, Hard on the Mind.

The shiny shirt under the vest at the bottom right caught my eye. Where my eyes go, my mouse goes but sadly I do not find what I want.

Sandro creates collection after collection of slightly bohemian, retro yet elegant looks which are fan favorites with the Parisian hip. Sandro has been growing in recognition in the last few years and it is no surprise that they decided to start US e-commerce operations earlier this year. As a fan of the company, I find myself […]

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The most confusing email from Bargaincell

bargaincell1 copy

Today I received an email from Bargaincell advertising their Thanksgiving Early Bird specials. When I saw the subject line, I was excited — let’s be honest, I’m always excited to find a great deal. But I wasn’t prepared for the overwhelming and confusing email I was about to see. It was like an assault on […]

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The Stockholm Syndrome Stops with Chrome

An infinite load to sign up for a simple newsletter.

During the harsh Swedish Winter, all I could think about was taking off and getting back to the Mediterranean. But when Spring finally arrived, I found myself not using my new strength to leave but wanting to stay. The Baltic Sea lapping up against small cobble stone roads, the Scandi style and the lagom mindset convinced me to […]

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The sad state of Sears’ food & grocery

sears1 does some things so right. As a brand, they’re well-known for their focus on appliances, so of course this department is very helpful and easy to use. However, in browsing around other areas of the site, I was really disappointed. It seems like some sections weren’t given as much love and attention, and one […]

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An airline ecommerce face-off: Delta vs. United


I’m trying to plan a last-minute trip to Detroit next weekend, and I need to book a flight. Normally, I would probably use one of the discount sites like Priceline, which I tend to choose mainly because it features William Shatner (I’m such a product of advertising). But today, for the sake of this blog, […]

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Threadless is fun, but not always user-friendly


I was checking out the great iPhone cases on Threadless today. They’re offering free shipping on iPhone 5 cases, and I love the creative user-submitted designs! It’s fun to see what awesome new things people are coming up with. However, I think the filtering features on the Threadless website leave something to be desired. There […]

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LV Filter Madness


I like a few of the LV bags that I have seen around and so I decide to go onto their website to see what they have to offer. At a first glance, the site looks very sophisticated, using flash for some extra flashy details.  However, it takes a while for products to load and […]

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