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Adorama’s Ecommerce Site Search Drama

adorama1 copy

I was shopping on the ecommerce site Adorama for some electronics when I came across something bizarre. It all started when I searched for “Akai,” a brand that makes music production gear. When I performed the search however, I saw this page. There are two pictures here, one of a television and one of a […]


Making a Botanic Choice for ecommerce

I happen to be a big believer in herbal remedies. And according to the numbers, lots of other people are, too. Herbal supplements sales reached $5.3 billion in the U.S. in 2011, and they’re projected to hit $15.5 billion by 2017. That’s huge! So I was browsing around online for natural herbal goodies when I came […]


7% savings? 12% off? Let’s try again…

stpaddys copy

I’m sure you’ve seen some email marketing like this before in your inbox: Now I can’t be the only one who finds this email from Whole Latte Love a little weird. Save 7%? I get the “lucky 7” thing, but it’s a strange number for a discount. And for that matter, it’s a pretty low number too. […]

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Ecommerce Fail: Bella Sun Luci

Bella Sun 1

Wow… where do I even start with this one? Basically I came across one of the weirdest ecommerce ordering systems I’ve ever seen on the site for Bella Sun Luci, which sells food products like sun dried tomatoes and marinades. Take a look at the page of Products: There are no categories. There isn’t any […]

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What the Frette?

frette1 copy

I came across the ecommerce site for Frette, a retailer of luxury lines for hotels as well as homes. While browsing around their site, I came across some bizarre aspects to the navigation that got me thinking. It’s a site that works fine for a seasoned customer, but for someone new to the brand? Not […]

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Ecommerce Email Subject Lines

emailsubject copy

As we all know, email marketing is a huge component of ecommerce. I’m sure everyone reading this is subscribed to at least a few mailing lists for the retailers they frequently purchase from! So the question is, what makes you open and read an email over deleting it or letting it sit unread? A catchy […]

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Too Much Animation:’s Ecommerce Site Design

Let me start this by saying that any screenshot or .gif I could make to show you about will not do justice to how annoying the animation is on this site. If you want to get the full effect, I recommend trying to navigate the site yourself and experience the frustration of having a […]

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Ecommerce Suggestions for the ILWYW shop

ilwyw1 copy

The other day I stumbled across this great website called ILWYW (that stands for I Like What You’re Wearing). It’s all about rising fashion, and it’s super cool. Basically, the site offers up an online fashion magazine, plus an online store where the items featured in the magazine are available for sale. I really love […]

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Free Gift with Purchase? Make it Simple!

boscov1 copy

I received an email from Boscov’s department store advertising a promotion on Estee Lauder products. I don’t typically purchase Estee Lauder items, but I was intrigued enough by the offer to check it out (promotion success!). It said I could get a free gift with a purchase of $35 or more, but also that I […]

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Problems Editing Quantities on

drugstore1 copy

Back in December, we featured on the blog for some weird filtering and wording issues we found on their site. Well today we’re taking a look at their partner site, I was shopping on the site today and noticed something particularly confusing about the checkout process… I found a deal on some Wahl grooming tools, so […]

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