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Too much text, Seagull Lighting!

seagulllighting1 copy

Keeping pages visually clean and simple is always a good rule of thumb to follow in ecommerce. Drawing the shopper’s eye with big graphics and visual elements is a nice way to keep a site from being overwhelming or complicated. So when I came across an example of an ecommerce site that relies heavily on […]

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Ecommerce suggestions for Lyst

lyst3 copy

A coworker gave me a heads up about a site called Lyst, a fashion shopping and ecommerce site. It’s an interesting sort of setup, because you don’t shop on Lyst like you would shop on other sites. Basically, users select the designers and brands they want to follow, and then items by these brands will […]


Ecommerce Snapshot: Boscov’s

boscov7 copy

I was browsing around on the Boscov’s ecommerce site when I noticed something a little weird. Granted, this isn’t the first time Boscov’s has landed in our Lookin’ Weird department… This time, the problem actually had more to do with what I didn’t notice: the Add to Cart button. Take a look at the screenshot […]


Double check your emails, Etiquette Clothiers

etiqutteclothiers1 copy

It’s pretty obvious, but I’ll say it anyway: email marketing is huge in ecommerce. As such, it makes me pretty puzzled when I see emails that seem to have slipped through the cracks. Take this example of an email I received from Etiquette Clothiers. When I opened it, the email looked pretty blank. I clicked […]

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Uncommon Filters on Uncommon Goods

uncommon1 copy

In my last-minute quest to find an awesome Mother’s Day present, I found myself on an ecommerce website called Uncommon Goods.¬†They sell all kinds of unique and interesting gifts, so I figured it would be a great place to find something cool for my mom. This online store definitely has their bases covered in terms […]


Get with the times, Daddy-O!

daddyo1 copy

While shopping for a retro gift for a friend, I came across Daddy-O’s ecommerce store. Retro and vintage clothing is one thing, but a retro website? Not so great. This ecommerce site needs some updates in a big way. Let’s take a look. Here’s the home page. They say they’ve had the best selection, price […]

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Not cheering for the Soffe site

soffe1 copy

Even if you’ve never heard of Soffe, odds are you’ve worn something from the brand before. This retailer, which makes cheer and sports apparel, is probably responsible for some article of printed clothing you have floating around in your closet or drawers. I was browsing around their ecommerce site today, and I found myself a […]

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Lord & Taylor’s ecommerce site needs a makeover

lord&taylor4 copy

Here’s the thing about Lord & Taylor’s ecommerce site: I just don’t have the room. A post on this blog that mentioned every weird little problem I came across on their store (not to mention the ones I missed) would be way too long. What went wrong here? The basic structure of a good ecommerce […]

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Ecommerce Email Fail:

ledlight1 copy

Last week, I ordered some LED lights from an ecommerce company called After I placed my order, the site sent me an order confirmation email with all the details of my purchase. It also thanked me for my purchase, and pointed out that there was a coupon for me at the bottom of the […]

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Finding the Right Ecommerce Fit With True & Co.

true1 copy

Alright, here’s one for the ladies. You know how finding a bra that fits can be one of the more horrible and frustrating shopping experiences ever? (Guys, just go with us on this one) Well, there’s an ecommerce company called True & Co. that aims to make bra shopping easy and painless… using an algorithm. […]

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