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Puzzling over Peapod’s Online Grocery Store

peapod2 copy

Today I was thinking back on some reviews I wrote about ecommerce grocery sites. When it comes to shopping online for groceries, I found both good and bad. For example, I gave Fresh Direct a Badge of Honor last year, but then I also touched on what a mess the Sears site was in the food & […]

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Something’s missing on the Jawbone ecommerce store

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Today we’re throwing another ecommerce site into the Lion’s Den on the blog. Jawbone is a cool brand that creates wearable tech and audio devices, and I have a few friends who rave about these products. But when I went to check out their website, I felt pretty let down. The home page isn’t bad […]

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Hard to keep track on Turntable Lab


As someone who makes music, I often find myself shopping on the Turntable Lab ecommerce site. This retailer sells a lot of great DJ equipment, electronics, and other products for music lovers. I’m a huge fan of the site, so I was sad when I ran into some issues trying to track one of my orders. […]

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Still Cringing over’s Emails

dioremail1 copy

A couple weeks ago, we wrote about a weird experience on Dior’s ecommerce site. After receiving an email about a product, we were unable to find the product on the site. It was a prime example of email marketing gone wrong. Unfortunately, Dior is not done. Since that time, I’ve gotten two more strange emails […]

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More responsive design problems with

maggyfrances copy

Last week, I talked about why responsive design is so important. Basically, the short answer is that your mobile site can look like crap without responsive design, as we saw with the examples from Modify Watches. Today I have another example for you, which comes from the ecommerce site of Maggy Frances, a designer of […]


A Case for Responsive Design

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There is a lot of talk these days about responsive web design, especially in ecommerce. In case you’re unfamiliar, this is basically just a design approach that provides an optimal viewing experience no matter what kind of device you’re using. With responsive design, you’re able to easily navigate a site with minimal scrolling or resizing […]

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Re-Marketing Run-Around:


Last week, I had a really weird experience with the Dior ecommerce site that I just had to share. It all began in my inbox, when I received an email from notifying me that my product is back in stock. This is strange, because I don’t remember ever signing up to be notified about […]

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The Confusing Membership Strategy at

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Several months ago, I signed up to receive emails from, because although I have far too many shoes, I firmly believe that too many shoes is never really enough. Now when I signed up for one of the Mint sites, I discovered I could also access all the others: StyleMint, IntiMint, and JewelMint. I […]


Cleaning up the Clutter at

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Is there anything more summery than the smell of freshly cut grass? It’s something I don’t come across too often in New York City, but a girl can dream. It was this dream that lead me to an online search for lawnmowers. I ended up on the ecommerce site for Mowers at Jacks, where I […]

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Feeling Confused by Premier Supplies Ecommerce

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In my ongoing quest to find a good site for ordering office supplies, I came across the Premier Supplies ecommerce website. Let’s just say my quest is not over. This site is so strange! Upon arriving on the home page, it seemed like I was on the right track . The design here is actually […]

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