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Talk About a Blast from the Past!


The other day I was searching around for an Anne Cole bathing suit, and I stumbled onto an ecommerce site that gives new meaning to the phrase “lacking in visual appeal.” I really do not want to be mean or hyper-critical, but is truly cringe-worthy. Looking at the home page, you almost have to […]

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Why are Art Supply Sites so Boring?

artsupply1 copy

If I were to open an ecommerce business selling art supplies, my first step in building my website would be to think about my customers. Obviously, I’d be selling to artists, which to me means that I would probably want to create a website that looks visually appealing. Of course it should also be easy […]

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Suggesting Swatches for

oriental1 copy

While browsing lighting products from ecommerce retailer, I came across a big problem. Take a look at the screenshot below. For this item, the Geneva 2 Light Flush, there are five product images showing each of the available colors. However, they are not labeled to let the user know which is which! When I […]

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100% Pure is not 100% Consistent

100pure1 copy

A search for organic makeup led me to the ecommerce site for 100% Pure, a brand of organic skincare products. I was pretty excited to explore the site, so I began to browse around. This brand uses fruit pigments to dye their makeups. How cool! I clicked on the fruit dyed makeup tab to take […]

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And the Photoshop Fails Continue…

onehanesplace1 copy

Today I was browsing around online for lingerie retailers. Sometimes, a gal gets tired of the same old Victoria’s Secret, you know? I came acrossĀ One Hanes Place, an ecommerce site that sells well-known brands of bras and underwear at low prices. Pretty straightforward. However, I saw some imagery here that recalled the Photoshop horrors that […]

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Shining a Light on Lumesty’s Ecommerce Site

lumesty1 copy

Through a Google search for lamps, I discovered an ecommerce site called Lumesty. This e-retailer sells lighting, light bulbs, and electrical products. Though the branding is strong on this good-looking site, I uncovered some elements that seemed a bit strange. It all began on the home page when I noticed this site lacks a top […]


A Plea for Easier Browsing from Donna Morgan

donnamorgan1 copy

As readers of this blog probably know, I am all about browsing on ecommerce sites. Of course, it really bums me out when browsing isn’t so easy, which was the case when I was shopping on the Donna Morgan site. This retailer of women’s fashion and bridesmaid dresses certainly did not make the shopping process […]

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When Missing Product Images Ruin the Day

juicebeauty1 copy

Yesterday, while shopping for organic beauty products from Juice Beauty‘s ecommerce site, I came across some problems. Namely, I found many broken images that gave the site an unprofessional feel. Now, it is important to note that Juice Beauty has since fixed all these issues, but I think it’s worth posting to serve as an […]

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Playing hide and seek on Mark & Graham

mark&graham4 copy

Alright you guys, I just have to say that I am all about monogram this holiday season. I’m shopping for personalized gifts for everyone on my list! This quest for monogram has also led to find some ecommerce missteps to put on this blog. I wrote about my problems with the monogram shop on Williams-Sonoma, […]

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Nalgene’s Ecommerce Site Doesn’t Hold Much Water

nalgene1 copy

While searching around for a new water bottle, I wound up on Nalgene’s ecommerce site. I know this retailer makes great water bottles, but unfortunately, they don’t make a great website. After finding plenty of problems during my shopping experience, I decided to send this site to the Lion’s Den. The navigation menus aren’t descriptive, […]

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