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Watson: They have a Stapler For $640! But Staples Still Needs Help With Their Filters.

So I was doing my research about staplers (and no, you can’t ask me why I did it!). Where do you start such research if not on And within 2-3 clicks you are on the following page: What I would like to point out is the lack of understanding user requirements and generalizing of the filtering. The first important filter […]


Hey, Ticketmaster: The Bird Got Flipped


I like that Andrew Bird. Great music, lots of different styles. AND…sometimes he whistles in his songs. So, when I get an email about his show, I’m all excited. Until, that is, I read the not-so-fine fine print. If you’re sending an email blast announcing “Various Venues” in “Various Cities,” you haven’t done due diligence […]

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Yo, ecommr: Whattr You All About?


Always looking out for competition, which helps best practices. Know your “enemy” and all that. So, I came across this site below, and, well, I can’t quite make heads or tails of it. Looks like there’s some star system involved. YoYo (two top right boxes) get five stars and no stars. You drill down into […]

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O, Lenovo: Thanks for all the Choices…but Really


So, I need a new keyboard and I’m shopping on Lenovo’s site. My search comes up with…whoa: there are 21,093 results for keyboards. Really? I want to give them the benefit of the doubt here. Maybe it’s a tailored search result for the citizens of Lutherville, MD (zip code 21093). Lenovo sells more keyboards than the […]

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Oh, Your Navigation and Filtering Re-Define Mayhem Navigation ECommerce Outtakes

I was shopping on, trying to find a new bag.  I was looking at what they have on sale and ended up on the page below…and I’m really not sure where to begin. This page has so many creative ways to complicate the user experience; it is rare to see so many of them together […]

Leave a comment, Where Do I Start: User Experience? Localization?


While browsing the site, I stumble upon some empty categories. If you don’t have products in a category either, let me know. The new pants collection “is coming in February.” Give me something, anything…or remove the category from the navigation.   Get Loc(o)al: If I am on the US site, it’s very unlikely that I will call […]

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Retargeting – Yes: Great Idea…But What’s the Point of Sending Us to a Site Where the Product is Out of Stock?

Leave a comment Releases 1996 Usability EComm with a 2.0 Look redesign

I know that, what with the earthquake and stress about nuclear plants at risk, hiring an Information Architect and User Experience expert is not high priority. But if you do not believe in filtering, reducing the amount of clicks or easy taxonomy, can you at least for GOD’S SAKE create sub-categories in the left navigation? Sweepstakes of 1,000 […]

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