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Ecommerce Review: Hens Night Shop

hensnightshop1 copy

Today’s post is a little bit scandalous. Australian ecommerce retailer Hens Night Shop, an online store that sells hens and bachelorette party supplies, asked for a website review. As you can guess, this site is chock full of penis-shaped products! Looking past that though, we want to consider the usability and functionality of this site. […]


Data and the Online Path to Purchase [Infographic]

Check out this great infographic, care of KISSmetrics and Baynote, all about how retailers can use data to turn browsers into buyers. Some seriously cool info! Take a look:

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Site Search, The Secret Ingredient for Ecommerce Success


By Rory Carlyle of SearchSpring It’s no secret: everyone has secrets. People and corporations alike have to keep them in order to hold a differentiator from those around them. Soda companies keep their mixtures hidden, professional sports teams keep their plays out of sight, and sneaky old grandma had her recipes locked-down like Alcatraz. It’s […]

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Another Great Example of Email Acquisition

juicebeautypopup copy

Despite the growing power of social media, many studies show that email marketing is still the number one driver of traffic and conversions for ecommerce sites. This is why it’s so important for e-retailers of all kinds to always grow their email list. There are a number of strategies for this, but perhaps my favorite […]

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Best Practices for Creating Engaging Ecommerce Videos

Guest Post By Charlie Rall of Video Review Labs Product videos are dead. I’m talking about the dull spinning, white backdrop glamour shots with the logo bar at the bottom of the screen. That’s the 360 degree photography made famous by late night QVC. The web has changed, of course, but brands are still throwing money […]

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The Future of Retail [Infographic]

Today we wanted to share this nice infographic on the future of retail, via our friends at Get Elastic (care of WalkerSands). Interesting to see how much people are willing to spend on a product online without seeing it first. Take a look at the numbers:

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Why are Art Supply Sites so Boring?

artsupply1 copy

If I were to open an ecommerce business selling art supplies, my first step in building my website would be to think about my customers. Obviously, I’d be selling to artists, which to me means that I would probably want to create a website that looks visually appealing. Of course it should also be easy […]

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You Asked for It,!

juststickers1 copy

An ecommerce store in India called submitted their site to the Ecommerce Outtakes team for review. We are always excited to receive submissions from our readers, and we were happy to provide feedback! In fact, we do have some suggestions for the JustStickers site. Read on to find our recommendations. Arriving on the home […]

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CB2 Misses the Filter that Matters Most

cb2_1 copy

Anyone who has ever needed to purchase a rug knows that size is key. You have a specific space in a specific room that you want to spruce up with a floor covering, so of course you need to shop based on those dimensions. This is obvious… or so I thought. But unfortunately when I […]

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The First-Ever Ecommerce Speeding Ticket

The Calvin Klein ecommerce site, although overall pretty user-friendly, has a strange problem. Arriving on the home page, shoppers will see a large banner taking up most of the real estate. This carousel rotates through some featured trends in both the men’s and women’s departments. A list on the left shows what’s coming next, while […]

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