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Living Social, But Feeling Hungry

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I am a foodie and everyone knows this. I had heard so much about living social from my coworkers that I decided to check it out for myself to see if I could find any good deals for restaurants in NYC. So I sign up, put in my email, name and city and I go […]

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Lulu Lemon: Your Filters Fall Short!

jericho shorts (by size)

I am on my way to Australia and so I am browsing around for some gear to take with me. I stumble on LuLu Lemon’s website which is very nicely built with a minimalistic feel. I like that the site has lots of filters, always a plus – it makes shopping for the casual browser […]


Ikea : More Than a Few Screws Loose


IKEA…The store gives me a headache so I ventured to their website for some no hassle online shopping, but in the end, I ended up with that same IKEA headache.  Navigation is all over the place and left me feeling like I was running in circles; the same way I feel when I’m in the […]


Nice Scarves, But Where’s the Hat and Tie to Complete My William Burroughs Look

Confusing Navigation

Let’s talk Navigation:  Still clicking through Zara’s site and wanted to see some cool accessories. I clicked Man->Accessories and I was directed to the following page : This is all scarves… Wheres’s the hats, belts, ties, etc???  I’m very confused.  Then I realized that when you click on Accessories, it by default takes you to the […]

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Hey, Where’s Waldo?


Being the avid show-goer that I am, I am often logging into to make my purchases for upcoming shows. On this particular occasion, I needed to check my history to make sure that my recent order had gone through.  So, on the homepage, I click “My Mueseumtix” and I am taken to my account […]

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Watson: They have a Stapler For $640! But Staples Still Needs Help With Their Filters.

So I was doing my research about staplers (and no, you can’t ask me why I did it!). Where do you start such research if not on And within 2-3 clicks you are on the following page: What I would like to point out is the lack of understanding user requirements and generalizing of the filtering. The first important filter […]


Oh, Your Navigation and Filtering Re-Define Mayhem Navigation ECommerce Outtakes

I was shopping on, trying to find a new bag.  I was looking at what they have on sale and ended up on the page below…and I’m really not sure where to begin. This page has so many creative ways to complicate the user experience; it is rare to see so many of them together […]

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I know that, what with the earthquake and stress about nuclear plants at risk, hiring an Information Architect and User Experience expert is not high priority. But if you do not believe in filtering, reducing the amount of clicks or easy taxonomy, can you at least for GOD’S SAKE create sub-categories in the left navigation? Sweepstakes of 1,000 […]

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