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Tripped up by Piperlime’s shoes

piperlime1 copy

I received an email from Piperlime, telling me to “Shop the Outlet” for up to 70% off. The email had this nice visual element with pictures of some great clothes and shoes I could really rock for fall. The striped dress to the right of the main green box especially caught my eye. Plus, who […]

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LuLu*s Double Trouble Filtering


Filters filters filters! It is very easy to ask a shop assistant for help in a store but in an online store, it can be more difficult to navigate especially if you are on a buget or if you are looking for something specific.. Lulu’s is a great place to go if you are looking […]

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I’ve got a Bone to Pick..


You may not admit it, but I know that all of us have a little impulse buyer in us. I am not afraid to admit it and I am proud to show off some of the impulse buys that I have purchased because they end up being some of my favourite items. The skinny Prada ties […]

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Alex and Ani in a Game of Hide and Seek

alexandanihome copy

I was recommended to check out Alex And Ani by a good friend, and since my daughter’s birthday is coming up, I figured why not.  She is obsessed with Disney, so this seems like a good place to get some fun stuff. I look through the drop down menus on the top but no sign […]

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LV Filter Madness


I like a few of the LV bags that I have seen around and so I decide to go onto their website to see what they have to offer. At a first glance, the site looks very sophisticated, using flash for some extra flashy details.  However, it takes a while for products to load and […]

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Crate And Barrel’s Undercover Duvets

duvet covers

It seems like I have been buying a lot of home decor in the past few months but that’s another story for later on. I find my self on the Crate & Barrel website in my search for duvet covers and  it is easy enough to find them. I go from Bed & Bath -> […]

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Western Digital: Roller-coaster Rides For Free

WD where to buy

Sometimes I like to check out different tech websites to see what kind of deals they have to offer. This time, I was on a mission to find a Solid State Drive (or ssd if you please). I made my way over to and begun my hunt. First page looks good – a lot […]

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Gotta Get My Glasses Out for

geeks GPS

I have been procrastinating on shopping  for a new GPS  but I desperately need one so I make my way over to I am not sure about this site because it is so cluttered and everything is written in a tiny tiny font. Oh well, I click on GPS devices and look around. Just […]


A Jump Start for AutoZone

replacement parts

I think that when you go to a website for car parts, you aren’t really going for the browsing experience, now are you?  My expectations from such websites are very high.  I expect to be able to find what I am looking for without having to click through too many pages because I am visiting […]


Money Talks on Verizon

verizon-high to low

I dropped my iPhone so I was on a mission this weekend to find a cheap deal on Verizon. I typed iPhone into the search bar and filtered by price-from low to high, expecting to see all the lovely deals. Nope. I was met with a ton of support articles. Thanks Verizon for offering these […]

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