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4 Tips for Ecommerce Success in 2014

If you started your own ecommerce site in 2013, then I tip my cap to you. You’ve probably had a very long, stressful year. You’re probably exhausted from building up your site and reaching out to every available source you know for advice. You’ve probably made numerous mistakes in your first year, and hopefully have […]


Stuck in Tiger Direct’s Ecommerce Checkout


Yesteraday I was shopping the ecommerce site for some new computers for the office. This retailer sells all kinds of electronics and office supplies, so I had no problem finding the computers I needed. But it was when I got to the checkout on this site that I found a big problem… I added […]

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Let’s Talk About Site Search

merrell search copy

We talk about site search quite a bit here on Ecommerce Outtakes. Maybe someday, every site will have an awesome search function and we won’t have to bring it up anymore. But for now, there are still some bad examples of search gone wrong, which means I have to send these sites to the Lion’s […]

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Some Odd Browsing Options on

opensky1 copy

If you’re not familiar with OpenSky, it’s a pretty nice ecommerce site where users can discover emerging designers and products. I was exploring this site, looking for a new bag, when I came across some odd issues with the browsing and navigation. Of course, I had to throw them in the Lion’s Den to show […]


When Site Search Goes to Sh*t

piece2 copy

There are some search terms an ecommerce site should never return results for. I came across one of these as I was searching the swim section on the Victoria’s Secret website. Trying to find a one-piece swimsuit, I entered “one piece” into the search field. Plenty of results. Way to go, VS. Then, just as […]

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Craving more filters from Lindt chocolatier

lindt1 copy

A friend forwarded me an email from Lindt, a retailer of Swiss chocolate, about an upcoming sale. Of course I had to check out their ecommerce site to see all the delicious chocolatey treats! Unfortunately though, I had to throw Lindt in the Lion’s Den of the Ecommerce Outtakes archives. Although this online store is overall pretty good, […]


Hard to keep track on Turntable Lab


As someone who makes music, I often find myself shopping on the Turntable Lab ecommerce site. This retailer sells a lot of great DJ equipment, electronics, and other products for music lovers. I’m a huge fan of the site, so I was sad when I ran into some issues trying to track one of my orders. […]

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How many clicks does it take, V.I.M.?

vim1 copy

I stumbled across the V.I.M. ecommerce store the other day, and I immediately knew I had to write an outtake about it. Why? Well of course, it has to do with my pet peeve: bad filters. Check this out. From the home page, I used the navigation bar across the top. Each category provides a […]


Wading through Ethical Ocean’s Ecommerce Site

ethicalocean1 copy

I found out about a really cool ecommerce site called Ethical Ocean a couple weeks ago. This site sells eco fashion and eco-friendly products, and the stuff you can find on here is awesome. It’s always nice to know your purchases support a good cause! However, the more I browsed around the site, the more […]

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Filtering Fail at the Fisher-Price Store

fisherprice1 copy

I was shopping around on the Fisher-Price store and exploring the great selection of toys they carry for babies and toddlers. But unfortunately, it’s not all fun and games, because this ecommerce site has some serious issues. The site is arranged with tabs along the top that separate the toys by age. There’s Babygear, Infant, […]

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