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Mobile Outtake: From You Flowers

fromyouflowers1 copy

Internet Retailer had an article featuring the  new From You Flowers mobile ecommerce site. This story discussed  this retailers increase in mobile customers, and talked about some of the features of the m-commerce site. I decided to check it out, and right from the get go, I was not impressed. Check this out. On the home […]


Mobile Outtake: ASOS

asosmobile1 copy

I was doing some shopping on my phone, and I headed over to the ASOS mobile site to scope out their maxi dresses. I like the ASOS regular ecommerce site, and in fact, we’ve written about it here on the blog a couple of times (like when we gave them a Badge of Honor for their […]

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Mobile Snapshot: Sears

searsmobile copy

I was shopping on my phone the other day just using the Google shopping results. The first retailer that came up with the product I wanted was Sears, so I headed to their mobile ecommerce site to find out more. The price was right, so I added the item to my cart and headed to […]

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Mobile Snapshot: Urban Outfitters

UO1 copy

Let me just start by saying that Urban Outfitters is one of my favorite mobile shopping sites. I use it all the time! It’s so easy to browse, and I even tend to give it as an example when I’m talking about how to achieve good mobile e-commerce. UO does so many things right, but […]

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Bluefly’s Mobile Sorting Mishap

bluefly1 copy

I recently signed up to get emails from Bluefly, a site offering discounts on designer apparel. I received an email yesterday about a sale with items up to 70% off. I love shopping for deals on my iPhone, especially when I’m riding the subway to work! So I checked out Bluefly’s mobile site to see […]

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Still Wondering about PLNDR…


Welcome to the latest category on the blog: Mobile Outtakes. Because eCommerce doesn’t stop when you leave your desk, and we want to improve online shopping everywhere you go! This first post highlights an issue that might sound familiar to many mobile shoppers. I received an email from a website called, advertising savings of […]

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