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Portrait of a Mobile Consumer [Infographic]

Today we want to share an infographic that’s all about the mobile shopper. Care of VoucherCloud, this visualization provides some really interesting insights about mobile. Take for instance that m-commerce sales are estimated to reach $626 billion by 2018… So, how is your business’s mobile strategy?  

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Infographic: How Mobile is Changing Business

Today we wanted to share a really great infographic from KISSmetrics. We love how they illustrated some of these interesting facts about mobile ecommerce. Definitely some great information for merchants! Take a look: ++ Click Image to Enlarge ++ Source: How Mobile is Changing Business – Infographic

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Mobile Commerce & Your Global Footprint in 2014


By Shane P. Russo   Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets have changed the course of all aspects of daily life, including entertainment, communication, and especially business. Mobile apps can be a great way to target and reach consumers in countries all over the planet, and having a sound mobile strategy can be an excellent […]

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A Few Tweaks for Neiman Marcus Mobile


Let’s take a minute to talk about Neiman Marcus and their mobile ecommerce site. When I was browsing this site, I found an unique feature that seemed really cool. But the more I dug around, the more problems I found. I’m curious to see if people will agree with me on this one, or just […]

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Not a Fan of CVS Mobile Navigation

CVSmobile1 copy

Though I shop at CVS brick-and-mortar drugstores pretty often, today was the first time I tried out their mobile ecommerce site. I have to admit, I’m not sure that I will use it again, because I was not very impressed by the navigation here. Users like myself who are looking to shop will have some […]


Badge of Honor:’s Mobile Site is Poppin’


I am waiting for my next class to begin when I reach for the lip balm in my purse.  Upon twisting the lid off, I discover barely any moisturizer left!  Since all my other glosses have been lost to the black hole which is my washing machine, I head to on my Android smartphone […]

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A Look At How Online Retailers Are Promoting Their Brand Using Instagram Video

Instagram for business allows retailers to post content that lets them share experiences and adventures with their followers. A 15 second video gives an opportunity for a retailer to showcase products and let users really feel and see the product they may be interested in. Some companies are using this opportunity to present moments users […]

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Mobile Outtake: Victoria’s Secret


Yesterday, I was shopping on the Victoria’s Secret mobile ecommerce site. It’s the final days of the big semi-annual sale, so I clicked on the sale section to see what kind of deals were left. At first, I didn’t have any problems with this site. There’s a filtering menu at the top, so you can […]

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Mobile Outtake: Open Sky


I have used social ecommerce site Open Sky to browse for products ever since I heard about it. This site puts a unique spin on shopping, allowing you to follow celebrities to see their curated picks, as well as see what your friends like. However, I came across some issues when I tried to shop […]

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A Facebook fiasco with Fevrier Designs


Like so many of us with iPhones and other smart phones, I’m always using social media on my phone. Last week, I was browsing the Facebook mobile site when I noticed one of the promoted posts. This post was for an ecommerce site called Fevrier Designs. The picture they featured showed some really cute iPhone […]

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