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When Site Search Goes to Sh*t

piece2 copy

There are some search terms an ecommerce site should never return results for. I came across one of these as I was searching the swim section on the Victoria’s Secret website. Trying to find a one-piece swimsuit, I entered “one piece” into the search field. Plenty of results. Way to go, VS. Then, just as […]

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Shoppable ecommerce video by Juicy Couture

This is a cool video that Juicy Couture came out with back in November before the holiday season. We came across “California Dreaming” again and wanted to share it on the blog, since it really is such a fun concept. It’s a shoppable ecommerce video, kind of along the lines of Target’s “Falling for You” series. […]


Ecommerce… before ecommerce [Video]

Seriously loving these pre-Internet shopping videos! Here’s another one. Check out how these people imagined ecommerce:  

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The Future of Ecommerce! (in 1969)

Check out this video from 1969 that imagined the future of computers and ecommerce: Seems like the husband gets a raw deal here, having to pay all the bills but not getting to do any shopping. Last time I checked, men like to shop online just as much as women! I guess they didn’t predict […]

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Competitive Coupons in Ecommerce?

Competitors coupons

I was parking in NYC the other day when I saw a sign that got me thinking: Sure, retailers accepting their competitors’ coupons is nothing new. The logic is sound: if your competitor is offering a coupon and you’re not, you’ll lose customers to your competitor. Accept their coupons, and you’ll encourage loyalty and draw […]

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Falling for Target’s new shoppable movie

fallingforyou5 copy

Leave it to our friends at Target to unveil the next cool thing in online shopping. If you haven’t heard about it yet, now is the time to check out “Falling for You,” a short film starring Kristen Bell, Zachary Abel and Nia Long. Okay, so Target Style made a little movie, so what? Well, […]

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Karmaloop, We Got an Idea For You…

karmaloop1 copy

If you shop at,  you know it is a good place to go for branded items. They have over 500 brands and which is really great but it can get really difficult to sift through them all to see what you want. I like to know which new brands are hitting the market and […]

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Look What Looklet Has Going


Everyone knows how much I love look books. I have talked about look books so many times on this blog (here and here and here) and so its no surprise that I am in love with this virtual/interactive look book I just came across the other day. Looklet is a virtual styling tool you can […]


Future Of eCommerce: Layar Creator

Check out this new app..The app allows you to buy stuff right from the magazine anytime, anywhere.. All you need to do is take a picture of the product and upload it onto the app. Watch the demo here: What do you think about this app? Is this something you see yourself using?   Don’t […]

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You Must Be Fancy

thefancy 1

Social commerce is really catching on with the likes of Polyvore, Pinterest & even Facebook’s potential ecommerce site. I was going through  and I fell in love as soon as I started browsing.   Products are displayed on a dashboard, curated by those you follow.  The design is well fit for a casual browser, […]