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Ecommerce Video Do’s and Don’ts


By Charlie Rall and Sydney Kudeviz Ecommerce videos are powerful tools that can work on many levels to engage customers in the the sales funnel. The difference to note between ecommerce videos and “traditional” video content (ads, video blogs, etc.) is that they are conversion focused and typically live on the product page level. But they […]

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Use Compelling Content to Drive Online Sales

By Dawn Mortensen of SLI Systems Great content is an increasingly significant driver for turning an online browser into a buyer. As more retailers enhance their product pages with social feeds, videos, blogs and other rich content, they’re finding such content to be a powerful tool to aid shoppers’ decision-making. Some online buying decisions are […]

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Site Search, The Secret Ingredient for Ecommerce Success


By Rory Carlyle of SearchSpring It’s no secret: everyone has secrets. People and corporations alike have to keep them in order to hold a differentiator from those around them. Soda companies keep their mixtures hidden, professional sports teams keep their plays out of sight, and sneaky old grandma had her recipes locked-down like Alcatraz. It’s […]

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Best Practices for Creating Engaging Ecommerce Videos

Guest Post By Charlie Rall of Video Review Labs Product videos are dead. I’m talking about the dull spinning, white backdrop glamour shots with the logo bar at the bottom of the screen. That’s the 360 degree photography made famous by late night QVC. The web has changed, of course, but brands are still throwing money […]

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Could Sizeable be the Future of Ecommerce?

sizeable1 copy

Today, a friend tipped me off to an Australian ecommerce shop called Sizeable. You can read more about the site’s founder and what inspired her to launch this awesome idea on The short version is that founder Larissa Thorne was frustrated by traditional online shopping and the struggle to find out how clothes would […]


How Exactly do I Customize it, Luxaddiction?

luxaddiction1 copy

A male coworker of mine sent me the link to Luxaddiction, an ecommerce retailer of blinged out and bedazzled cases for phones and tablets. Now, why my deskmate Louis is browsing for rhinestone-studded iPhone cases, well… I just didn’t ask. The important thing here is that this retailer offers the option to customize a case, […]

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Chip cards are coming to America, but ecommerce is another story


 by Anne Leisz of Processing Finder   For the past two decades, banks around the world have been aggressively converting to chip cards and chip reading terminals in an effort to combat rampant fraud with newer technologies – except for banks in the United States. Now at long last, banks, merchants, and the card associations […]

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I Won! Utilizing Gamification for Ecommerce Sales


Red Light..Green Light..Go! Ahh the days of playing games as a kid with your friends at the local park. As adults, we look to fill the void between work and catching up with the latest news. As a result, social gaming has exploded and continues to have tremendous growth. If you really look around at […]

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Major Expectations for Ecommerce Shopping Carts in 2014


By Tanya Dalik   “High achievement always takes place in the framework of high expectation” – Charles F. Kettering. 2014 is upon us, and everyone is thinking about what the year is going to bring. All of us expect something great from a new year, and the ecommerce sphere is no exception. So, what can […]

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Valentine’s Gift Ideas To Search and Find Online

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By Dawn Mortensen If you haven’t yet considered what to give your sweetheart this Friday (and you should, because time is running out!), you may be more likely to find the perfect gift online. The National Retail Federation predicts that online shoppers will spend 31% more than brick-and-mortar shoppers for Valentine’s Day 2014. They say […]

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