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15 Ways To Wear American Apparel: If You Find Them

american apparel

American Apparel is known for their basic pieces which you can jazz according to your personal style.  I was checking out some of the new pieces they had in stock under women’s dresses and this piece caught my eye. It is a simple pencil dress which they say can be worn as a bandeau or […]


Lulu Lemon: Your Filters Fall Short!

jericho shorts (by size)

I am on my way to Australia and so I am browsing around for some gear to take with me. I stumble on LuLu Lemon’s website which is very nicely built with a minimalistic feel. I like that the site has lots of filters, always a plus – it makes shopping for the casual browser […]


Levi’s: The Mystery Of The Commuter Colors

no color swatches copy

I have been trying to get my hands on these Commuter Pants from Levi’s for a long time, but they are always out of stock. I am feeling like today is a good day so I go to the Levi’s site and type in Commuter Pants and voila, three pairs pop up! But wait there […]

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