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Ecommerce Snapshot: Pegasus Airlines

pegasus copy

I frequently have to find flights and book travel for coworkers. Although I have some sites I like to use, I’ll often start by just searching in Google for the flight I want. One of these searches led me to the Pegasus Airlines ecommerce site. I had to feature it here on the blog because […]

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Why are there so many fields in Ecommerce checkouts?

Google wallet

The Ecommerce checkout process has had little change over the years but with third party services such as Amazon, Paypal, and Google wallet, it has become a much faster purchase path. However, many companies have been slow to adopt this quicker, simpler process. Checkouts usually have multiple steps you must go through and fields to […]


Ecommerce Snapshot: Laacke & Joys

laackandjoys copy

While stocking up for a camping trip, I came across the ecommerce store for Laacke & Joys, an outdoor sporting goods retailer. My first impression was that the design of this site is really great. I like the imagery and the simple layout, and the way some of the featured products are displayed below the […]

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7 Brands Using Tumblr For Business With A Creative Design

Traget Tumblr

Business on Tumblr is booming. Not only did it get a popularity boost from the buyout by Yahoo but it also has a ¬†55% year over year growth. Its simple interface provides an instant audience that find it easy to engage with content. Brands are noticing this potential and have created pages based on their […]

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Ecommerce Snapshot:

egyptianlinens copy

In a search for Egyptian Cotton Sheet sets, I came across the Egyptian Linens Outlet¬†ecommerce site. When I got to the sheet sets section in the bed linens category, I found some various drop-down menus that made things a bit confusing. First of all, there’s a Find by Pricing menu at the top. Then in […]

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Ecommerce Snapshot:

nastygal copy

I was browsing around the Nasty Gal ecommerce site the other day looking for some new summer outfits. I came across an item called the Sweet Fever Chambray Romper, which seemed like a great find. I headed to the product page to check it out, and I found some confusing product images. Confusing mainly because […]

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Ecommerce Snapshot: Betty Mills

bettymills1 copy

While searching for a new site to buy cleaning and business supplies for the office, I found myself on the Betty Mills Company ecommerce site. Looking over the home page, I noticed several mentions of their Snack Rewards program. There’s a little link to it at the top of the page, and another one above […]

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Ecommerce Snapshot: DSW email

dsw2 copy

Take a look at this email I received from shoe retailer DSW. It seemed normal enough… until I realized that this email arrived in my inbox on June 5th. It’s a little too late for me to get in on this promotion, guys! Check your calendar. Enough said.   Sasha Butkovich on Google+

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Ecommerce Snapshot: Hickoree’s

hickorees copy

I was browsing around on menswear ecommerce site Hickoree’s when I came across a nice little ¬†feature I wanted to share. When you’re viewing a category page, like Sweaters & Knitwear for example, you’ll see plenty of product images. There are no titles at first, but as you move your mouse over the picture, you’ll […]

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Ecommerce Snapshot: FunkyChunky

funkychunky copy

Well Mother’s Day is behind us, so now that means Father’s Day will be here soon. Not sure why these two holidays are so close together… it makes me one stressed-out shopper! Anyway, I am starting on my quest for a great present for Father’s Day. That’s how I ended up on the FunkyChunky ecommerce […]

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