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Ecommerce Snapshot: Tackle Direct

tackledirect1 copy

Today I stumbled upon an ecommerce site called Tackle Direct, an online retailer of all kind of fishing gear. Sadly, this site is no catch (see what I did there?) I arrived on a landing page for saltwater fishing rods and poles, and I immediately noticed something weird. This whole category page is one big […]

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Here’s What I’d Love from Lucky Brand

luckybrand1 copy

Today I headed over to the Lucky Brand ecommerce store to see what kind of deals I could find in the sale section. There were lots of products to choose from, but I was a bit disappointed in the filtering capabilities. Let me show you why. I clicked the option to View All Women’s sale, […]

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And the Photoshop Fails Continue…

onehanesplace1 copy

Today I was browsing around online for lingerie retailers. Sometimes, a gal gets tired of the same old Victoria’s Secret, you know? I came across One Hanes Place, an ecommerce site that sells well-known brands of bras and underwear at low prices. Pretty straightforward. However, I saw some imagery here that recalled the Photoshop horrors that […]

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The DMV is Brutal, Even Online

DMV copy

There is no greater way to test one’s patience and sanity than a trip to the Department of Motor Vehicles. The waiting, the endless lines, the generally unfriendly faces. You all know what I mean. So when I found out that I could renew my registration on the DMV’s website, I jumped at the opportunity […]

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Ecommerce Snapshot: Target’s Product Image Fail


Maybe you heard about this one in the news, because this story about Target really blew up. Target’s ecommerce site featured some product images that had gone too far in terms of editing. I’m not sure who is in charge of Photoshop over there, but they got pretty heavy-handed! Take a look at the photo […]

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Smart & Sexy & About a Week Late


Here’s a quick Ecommerce Snapshot to start your week. This one comes from lingerie retailer Smart & Sexy, who made a little mistake with the banner image on their home page. I took this screenshot last week on February 20th, which is 6 days after Valentine’s Day. Someone must have forgotten to refresh this page […]

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Ecommerce Snapshot: City Furniture

cityfurniture1 copy

You would think that when you visit an ecommerce site that sells furniture, like City Furniture does, you would find images of furniture on the home page, right? Well, not necessarily. When I arrived on this site, the very first banner image I saw advertised their Presidents’ Day sale using a picture of… a couple […]

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Ecommerce Snapshot: Great American Spice Company

greatamericanspice1 copy

I got a tip about a very confusing ecommerce shipping policy, so of course I had to investigate. When I looked into Great American Spice Company‘s site, I have to admit, I was pretty puzzled myself! Arriving on the site, I saw some text at the top of the page: “$5.99 flat rate shipping free […]

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Ecommerce Snapshot: Missoni’s E-Boutique

missoni1 copy

We all browse online sometimes for things we can’t afford, which is why I ended up on the Missoni ecommerce site today. I was checking out the runway looks when I noticed that this fashion brand has an ecommerce section of their site called the E-Boutique. However, you’d think that for such a high-end label, […]


Ecommerce Snapshot: American Carpet Wholesalers

carpetwholesale1 copy

I look at a lot of ecommerce sites, as you know. So when I say that the screenshot below is one of the busiest home pages I’ve ever seen, that’s saying something. Take a look for yourself and you’ll quickly see what I mean about the American Carpet Wholesalers home page. With all these images and all […]

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