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Put Functionality Before Design, Free City Supershop!

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As someone who reviews ecommerce sites daily, I know that the same old design and layout can get boring. I totally support websites that break the mold and try something new and fresh with their design. However, my support fades really quickly when design gets in the way of usability and functionality. A good example […]

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Suggestions for The Honest Company’s Ecommerce Site

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As we’ve discussed on this blog before, plenty of ecommerce sites partner with celebrities to promote their brand. The Honest Company is a little different, because it was actually founded by a celebrity: actress Jessica Alba. She started the brand when she became a mom, and wanted products that would be healthy and safe for her […]

2 Comments’s “Amazing on a Budget” Tool

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Walmart has a tool on their ecommerce site that can be really helpful for shoppers trying to stock up without overspending: the Amazing on a Budget feature. Using their checklists and entering in how much you want to spend in total, the site will recommend products to fit within your budget. On one hand, this […]


You Asked For It, Brooklyn Popcorn!

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Another brave ecommerce retailer is jumping into the lion’s den! Brooklyn Popcorn submitted their site for a review from the Ecommerce Outtakes team, and we are more than happy to offer up some feedback. Overall, this ecommerce store looks pretty good. However, as always, we found some areas where the site could use some improvement. […]


Re-Marketing Run-Around:


Last week, I had a really weird experience with the Dior ecommerce site that I just had to share. It all began in my inbox, when I received an email from notifying me that my product is back in stock. This is strange, because I don’t remember ever signing up to be notified about […]

1 Comment the Good, the Bad, and the Hard to Find


I’m looking into the ecommerce store at a bright, appealing, and slightly disorganized women’s apparel site. The banners on the opening page are great, depicting current seasonal looks, colorful shoes, a big ‘sale’ advertisement, and arrows on each banner to link users to the appropriate page. I’m interested in the sale. I click the ‘sale’ […]

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So close,!

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Last week, when I was searching for ecommerce sites to award the Badge of Honor to, I came very close to awarding the prize to Hard Graft. This site offers beautifully designed lifestyle accessories, and I was drawn in by the equally beautiful ecommerce store. With tons of high-quality product images and a simple interface, […]

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What’s the best ecommerce platform for your online business?

So you have a great product and you’re ready to open your online store, but you’re not technical and want to get started selling right away. Luckily there are many ecommerce platforms for you to choose from. These platforms make it easy for novice users to start their online business instantly. Some of these platforms […]


The Good and Not-so-good with Estella’s ecommerce store

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A coworker sent me the link to the ecommerce website for Estella, a children’s clothing store here in New York City featuring unique brands. I always enjoy exploring the ecommerce sites for small, local retailers like this, so I dove right in. When I first landed on the home page, a pop-up appeared with a […]

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