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Nalgene’s Ecommerce Site Doesn’t Hold Much Water

nalgene1 copy

While searching around for a new water bottle, I wound up on Nalgene’s ecommerce site. I know this retailer makes great water bottles, but unfortunately, they don’t make a great website. After finding plenty of problems during my shopping experience, I decided to send this site to the Lion’s Den. The navigation menus aren’t descriptive, […]

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Ecommerce Refinement in The Land of Nod

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Today I was exploring around on The Land of Nod ecommerce site, a store for kids’ furniture, toys and more by Crate & Barrel. Last year during the holiday season, I visited the pop-up shop here in New York City, and I was really impressed by the fun product line. Online however, I was less […]

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Puzzling over Peapod’s Online Grocery Store

peapod2 copy

Today I was thinking back on some reviews I wrote about ecommerce grocery sites. When it comes to shopping online for groceries, I found both good and bad. For example, I gave Fresh Direct a Badge of Honor last year, but then I also touched on what a mess the Sears site was in the food & […]

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Something’s missing on the Jawbone ecommerce store

jawbone1 copy

Today we’re throwing another ecommerce site into the Lion’s Den on the blog. Jawbone is a cool brand that creates wearable tech and audio devices, and I have a few friends who rave about these products. But when I went to check out their website, I felt pretty let down. The home page isn’t bad […]

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You Asked For It, Ventilation Bremen

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Another brave ecommerce retailer is jumping into the lion’s den today! Ventilation Bremen submitted their site for a review from the Ecommerce Outtakes team. Let’s take a look at how this seller of home air ventilation products stacks up in the website department. First things first: the Ventilation Bremen site wasn’t very quick to load. […]

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Craving more filters from Lindt chocolatier

lindt1 copy

A friend forwarded me an email from Lindt, a retailer of Swiss chocolate, about an upcoming sale. Of course I had to check out their ecommerce site to see all the delicious chocolatey treats! Unfortunately though, I had to throw Lindt in the Lion’s Den of the Ecommerce Outtakes archives. Although this online store is overall pretty good, […]


Steeped in suggestions for Argo Tea’s ecommerce store

argotea1 copy

I often visit Argo Tea stores here in New York city, and I love their delicious beverages. Although this retailer only has brick-and-mortar locations in just a few other cities, there is also an ecommerce storefront for Argo Tea. I was really excited about this online shop, but as I was browsing the site, my […]

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Improving Any Old Iron’s ecommerce storefront

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A colleague gave me a heads up about an ecommerce site called Any Old Iron, the online storefront for the apparel store of the same name on Manhattan’s lower east side. For a small retailer whose main business comes from a single storefront, it’s understandable that they may not put as much energy into their ecommerce […]


Having a bad hair day at Bumble & Bumble

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Today I was shopping around on the Bumble and bumble ecommerce site for some hair products. They offer some really great products that I’ve used at salons before, so I wanted to see about ordering some online. But when I started browsing this site, I ran into some problems. From the home page, I used […]


More responsive design problems with

maggyfrances copy

Last week, I talked about why responsive design is so important. Basically, the short answer is that your mobile site can look like crap without responsive design, as we saw with the examples from Modify Watches. Today I have another example for you, which comes from the ecommerce site of Maggy Frances, a designer of […]