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4 Tips for Ecommerce Success in 2014

If you started your own ecommerce site in 2013, then I tip my cap to you. You’ve probably had a very long, stressful year. You’re probably exhausted from building up your site and reaching out to every available source you know for advice. You’ve probably made numerous mistakes in your first year, and hopefully have […]


An Ecommerce Prescription for Drs. Foster & Smith

drfostersmith1 copy

There are many ecommerce sites where consumers can purchase pet supplies, but here’s a great one you may not have heard of. Today we’re taking a look at Doctors Foster and Smith, a vet-owned retailer of supplies and medicines for all sorts of pet needs. Although the product listing is pretty comprehensive, there are some […]

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B2B Ecommerce Review: POS Supply Solutions

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We review so many ecommerce sites on this blog, but most of them are B2C, or business-to-consumer. However, there are many B2B, or business-to-business, sites that often get overlooked since we don’t generally come across these retailers in our normal shopping routine. Today we’re looking at a B2B site called POS Supply Solutions, which sells […]


You Asked for It, Salt & Grit Solutions

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We absolutely love it here at Ecommerce Outtakes when our readers and site owners submit their sites for review. Today, we’re featuring a reader-submitted site from across the pond. Salt & Grit Solutions is a UK-based company that sells salt and more for snow removal. How appropriate since we’re in the midst of a polar […]


Cleaning up Crucial Vacuum’s Ecommerce Store

crucialvacuum1 copy

Today I’m reviewing the ecommerce site for retailer Crucial Vacuum, a seller of vacuum filters, bags, parts and more. When I first arrived on the site, I was pleased to see lots of bright colors and playful graphics. Sure, vacuum accessories may not be the most exciting things, but it’s clear the this retailer wants […]

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Something Weird with Beardbrand…

beardbrand1 copy

When I was reading up on my ecommerce news today, I came across an interview with the founder of Beardbrand. This ecommerce site is stocked with products for folks who sport facial hair, which seems to be a growing trend lately. I myself have a lot of bearded friends, so I went to check out […]


Shedding Some Light on Primo Maestro Italia’s Site

primomaestro1 copy

I got a tip to visit the ecommerce site for a lighting brand called Primo Maestro Italia, so I navigated to their site to take a look. While these artisan Italain light fixtures are beautiful, I have to admit that the functionality on this site is not. Today this retailer has to face down our […]

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Betabrand: the Trendy Ecommerce Site You Wish You Made


The Twitter user @heyaswin, a blogger for eComm Hub, was the inspiration behind this website review.  Earlier this month, he tweeted “@Betabrand, we’re pretty sure your copywriters could sell a cage to a lion. #inspired marketing #ecommerce.”  He didn’t know it, but his tweet practically begged for Betabrand to be thrown into our Lion’s Den.  So […]


Little Giraffe Heads to the Lion’s Den

littlegiraffe1 copy

Today I was exploring the Little Giraffe ecommerce site, a brand that is well-known for their cuddly baby blankets. The site even shares press of celebrities and their children using Little Giraffe blankets. Of course I had to check out these products first. However, the sizing and fabric info led me to toss this cute little […]

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Product Page Improvements on Northern Tool + Equipment

northerntool1 copy

With the fall chill starting to set in, I decided to search online for a space heater for my apartment. Performing a quick Google search and glancing through the shopping results, I clicked on the most affordable product, over on the Northern Tool + Equipment ecommerce site. This retailer sells everything from tools to generators […]

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