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What’s to Like (and Dislike) About

6488208925786112 is an ecommerce retailer or gently worn second hand clothes. When you boil it down, this store is a highly curated online thrift shop. You won’t have to sift through the musty junk to find the good stuff, and you can shop it all without leaving your house! It’s a fantastic concept, and there are […]

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Bland Ecommerce Design from Spices Inc.


Personally, I have never bought spices from an ecommerce site. This is mainly due to the fact that I tend to be pretty last-minute when it comes to cooking, and I just pick up what I need from the grocery store. However, I have to imagine that if I were the sort to plan ahead, […]

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Ecommerce Review: Hens Night Shop

hensnightshop1 copy

Today’s post is a little bit scandalous. Australian ecommerce retailer Hens Night Shop, an online store that sells hens and bachelorette party supplies, asked for a website review. As you can guess, this site is chock full of penis-shaped products! Looking past that though, we want to consider the usability and functionality of this site. […]


You Asked for It,!

juststickers1 copy

An ecommerce store in India called submitted their site to the Ecommerce Outtakes team for review. We are always excited to receive submissions from our readers, and we were happy to provide feedback! In fact, we do have some suggestions for the JustStickers site. Read on to find our recommendations. Arriving on the home […]

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Strange and Misleading Images on The Men’s Section

menssection1 copy

Arriving on the home page of the ecommerce site The Men’s Section, shoppers will find some features and promotions front and center. The largest image showcases the Explosive Black Leather Fitted Jacket for Men, as you can see below. I don’t know what makes it “explosive,” which is kind of a strange descriptor for a […]

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Is Diesel’s Home Page Trying to Do Too Much?

diesel1 copy

Since last week, I have been shopping on many ecommerce sites for jeans. I decided to check out to see what kind of styles I could find. When I visited this site however, I was pretty overwhelmed. This brand’s home page has a cool looking design, but it showcases so many categories and features that it’s […]

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What does it take for you to opt in?

lightbox1 copy

Today I have a question for all the readers out there. While I was browsing various ecommerce sites to shop for jeans, I noticed that many e-retailers are using a similar strategy. I’m sure you’ve seen it before. You arrive on a site to shop, and within a matter of seconds, the background dims and […]

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You Asked for It, New World Techs!

newworldtechs1 copy

Ecommerce electronics retailer New World Techs wrote to the eCO team to request a review of their website. Well, we had a lot to say, and it’s all right here in this post. The short version: this ecommerce storefront lacks both visual appeal and intuitive navigation. Ready for the long version? You asked for it, […]

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A Site Search Runaround from Flight 001

flight001_1 copy

In case anyone was curious, today is my birthday! One of the gifts I received this year was a new suitcase, and another gift is a trip to take it on, so I am really excited. I wanted to find myself a cool new luggage tag for my cool new carry-on, so I headed to […]

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You Asked For It,!

stickermule1 copy

We love when our Ecommerce Outtakes readers submit their own sites for review. It’s always fun to help out and give suggestions! We’re excited today to give the review they asked for. What’s the verdict? Overall, the design and layout of the site is great, and it also provides a lot of helpful information […]

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