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ECommerce News

The Next Big ECommerce Wave: Vertically Integrated Commerce (Techcrunch) “Any brick and mortar retailer will attest that it’s pretty difficult to compete with Amazon on price. In the aisles of any shop, a lower price is just a click away. The situation isn’t any easier for online retailers either. E-commerce giants are nearly unbeatable on price. […]

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ECommerce News

iPhones Now Top 5% Of Total E-Commerce Website Traffic (Techcrunch) “It’s interesting to watch the impact that the mobile device explosion has on various industry verticals, and especially so in e-commerce – a market that has yet to take full advantage of the platform by offering mobile-friendly websites and apps. But that’s not stopping people from shopping on […]

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Recovering from Hurricane Sandy

Just wanted to post a quick update to the blog today, since we’ve been pretty quiet this week. Because we’re based in Manhattan here at ECommerce Outtakes, we are continuing to feel the effects of Hurricane Sandy. Power is still out at our offices, so we have been working on what we can remotely. You […]

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Hello all, Don’t forget that you can subscribe to the blog via rss. All you need to do is click the icon in the top right corner and you are good to go! If email is more convenient for you, you can also subscribe via email. Everyone’s happy!

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The Real World Is Dangerous- Shop Online!

Ladies & gentlemen, you know online shopping is safer right? See for yourselves!  

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You Must Be Fancy

thefancy 1

Social commerce is really catching on with the likes of Polyvore, Pinterest & even Facebook’s potential ecommerce site. I was going through  and I fell in love as soon as I started browsing.   Products are displayed on a dashboard, curated by those you follow.  The design is well fit for a casual browser, […]


Want A Cookie Target?

target cookies copy

A few months ago, your favorite one stop shop found out a high school girl was pregnant before her father did. Cool right? How does target do this? In fact, the main question is why? Why does Target want to get so intimately close to its clients? Target has been using data mining tools to […]

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Orbitz giving Mac users what they need from life

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Orbitz has taken to assuming that once you are a Mac user, you must have some cash floating around and may want to spend it on a pricier hotel room. According to Orbitz’s findings, Mac users are willing to spend more money on luxury products than PC users. How true is this? Show us your […]

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