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Badge of Honor: Tiffany & Co

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TGIF, and TGI-Badge of Honor day! Today we’re awarding our ecommerce prize to Tiffany & Co. for an online store that’s as beautiful as its legendary jewelry. People think of Tiffany luxury items for many special occasions, but perhaps the most common is engagement rings. I decided to explore the engagement rings on this site, […]

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Badge of Honor: Kershaw Knives

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We’ve all seen them. Those ecommerce sites that seem to have a ton of bells and whistles, but are just difficult to shop. We say, enough of that. Here’s a great ecommerce site that puts the focus where it belongs: on the products. Kershaw Knives is the winner of today’s Badge of Honor. Let’s take a look all […]

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Badge of Honor: Jonathan Adler

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It’s the first Friday, and the first Badge of Honor, in 2014! To mark this exciting occasion, we’re giving our little Ecommerce Outtakes award to Jonathan Adler‘s ecommerce site. Leave it to a brand that’s all about design to have a well-designed website. Overall, this site is simple and easy to navigate while still showcasing […]

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Badge of Honor: Tory Burch

toryburch copy

Okay, I know Christmas is over, so this one is a little belated. I didn’t give Tory Burch this Ecommerce Outtakes Badge of Honor in time for the holidays, even though it’s all about the gift guide on this online store. So bear with me here, because this gift guide is great and totally deserves […]

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What a lovely search function you have, KitchenAid!

kitchenaid1 copy

It’s Friday, so we all know what that means: time to award another Ecommerce Outtakes Badge of Honor! Today the award goes to KitchenAid for their really awesome site search. Rather than waste time with an introduction, let’s just get right to the good stuff! After I saw some Facebook photos of a friend who […]

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Badge of Honor: The Children’s Place

childrensplace copy

It’s Friday so you know what that means: it’s time for another Ecommerce Outtakes Badge of Honor! With the holiday shopping season in full swing, many of us are looking for gifts for everyone on our lists. I myself needed to find some great kids’ gifts, which is what led me to The Children’s Place […]

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Badge of Honor: AYR


The folks behind menswear brand Bonobos have launched an ecommerce line for the ladies. It’s called AYR, and I was definitely excited to check out what this new brand had to offer. Although the entire line is not yet available for sale, AYR did open an online pop-up shop to showcase their first denim looks. The […]

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Badge of Honor: John Varvatos

johnvarvatos copy

Today while exploring the John Varvatos ecommerce site, I found that this retailer made some very cool choices with the design and layout of their site. In addition, this retailer makes great use of the cross-sale feature to promote other products throughout the site. These things combined make for one awesome site worthy of this […]

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Badge of Honor: Street Promotion from


We have written a couple post on Ecommerce Outtakes about social shopping site First, we wrote about some problems we had with the site, and later, we wrote about how they actually followed some of our advice (though we still had additional suggestions). Good thing Fancy was on our radar, because a member of our […]


Badge of Honor:’s Mobile Site is Poppin’


I am waiting for my next class to begin when I reach for the lip balm in my purse.  Upon twisting the lid off, I discover barely any moisturizer left!  Since all my other glosses have been lost to the black hole which is my washing machine, I head to on my Android smartphone […]

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